A New DVD Storage Solution
July 28, 2010

We finally did something about the overflowing DVDs. Yesterday, KC made me a present. He put together this new four-sided spinning DVD rack.

It’s surprisingly solid for something that came in two flat boxes, and it’s very adjustable. It holds about 475 DVDs, according to its writeup, which covers a bit more than half our collection. It’s nearly as tall as I am! We had a blast reorganizing and sorting things, and realizing what we had that we’d forgotten about (or wanted to watch again — the point of owning movies).

On the left side shown here, KC now has one whole side for his music and concert DVDs. The right side is my classic film collection (which is anything from before I was born — isn’t that how everyone defines “old movie”?). I was surprised I had so much space, with half a side left for expansion. We’ve also grouped all the comic book-related stuff on one side, with superhero movies (plus Howard the Duck and Josie and the Pussycats) and cartoons. The fourth side will be other animation, I think.

I know I can be a bit obsessive about organizing things sometimes, but boy, this was fun.

4 Responses  
James Schee writes:  

That is too cool! Is that something y’all bought or had custom made? I’m currently going through my DVDs and stuff sorting as well. Just started rewatching Sports Night for the first time in YEARS. (watched Chuck DVD sets and Season3 eps at Hulu 3 times each over past two weeks so made myself to stop)

Johanna writes:  

Oh, we bought it. Very sturdy, and now it’s almost full already. :)

Marcia writes:  

Saw this via my daughter’s post on fb. Our Friends of the Library is looking to purchase just such an item. Could you share info?

Johanna writes:  

If you click on either of the DVD rack links in the post above, you can find out how to buy it on Amazon. (I added a second link to make it more obvious.)


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