Archie Convention News Tidbits: No More Digests, Tiny Titans, New Series, More

After the San Diego convention, Archie sent out an outline of their announcements, which I appreciated. Here are some of the mentions I thought were noteworthy:

The premise of the Tiny Titans/Little Archie crossover will be that the “Tiny Titans and The Archie Kids use the same dry cleaners only to have their laundry switched.” Shown here is the cover to issue #2, which is just adorable! Look at how cute the Pussycats are in the Tiny Titans style.

A new Sabrina series is “in the works” to relaunch the magical girl character. The same is true for Katy Keene and Little Jinx, who will be just “Jinx” and aged 13 instead of 7. Sabrina will also get her own iVerse comic application, as will Sonic. And in 2011, an all-new Archie Babies monthly series will have the Archie characters as yes, babies.

(Update: (8/4/10) This interview with J. Torres reveals that he will be writing the Jinx series, but it will be digital-only, four issues, and then go to print as a collection.)

Two of the four current digest titles will become Double Digests (twice the size, and moving in price from $2.69 to $3.99), as follows:

  • Betty & Veronica Digest becomes Betty & Veronica Friends Double Digest
  • Archie Digest becomes World of Archie Double Digest
  • Pals ‘n’ Gals becomes Archie & Friends Double Digest

(Pals ‘n’ Gals was already a Double Digest, so that looks like a name change.) This makes sense, since the thicker Double Digests have better value. (For the price of a standard superhero comic, $4, you get what, 250-some pages of comics in a sturdier format?) No word on the Jughead & Friends or the Tales From Riverdale digests, which may just disappear. Or I may have misread the notes, and those two will continue as single digests.

Comics will also feature appearances by President Obama and Sarah Palin in a story about the politicians visiting Riverdale during an election for the high school class president. Plus, Archie will have a clothing line carried in Target and Urban Outfitters as well as Halloween costumes coming out this year.

10 Responses to “Archie Convention News Tidbits: No More Digests, Tiny Titans, New Series, More”

  1. Anthony Says:

    From the rumors I’ve heard (and from a look at the subscriptions page of the Archie website), Jughead and Friends is being axed (with the Jughead Double Digest still going), while Tales From Riverdale is also canceled (guessing World of Archie DD is its replacement), per their apparent plans on only having (admittedly better customer dollar value/more profitable) double digests.

    I also see that B&V Double Digest is just having a (slight) name change; wasn’t sure if they were planning on having *two* B&V Double Digests or not.

    Glad to hear Sabrina is being brought back!

  2. Anthony Says:

    Oops, that’s a name/format change to the regular B&V Digest. I guess they *do* plan on having two B&V Double Digests; wonder what the difference between the two will be material-wise…

  3. Johanna Says:

    The second one is B&V Friends, which suggests an opportunity to do more stories about Cheryl Blossom and other characters. As their two most attractive characters, it makes sense that they’d find a way to get more “B&V” titles out there. Thanks for sharing the additional info.

  4. Shannon Smith Says:

    Sad to see them get rid of the Pals and Gals title. I’ve always loved that title for some reason.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Me too. It’s so retro-goofy-cool.

  6. H Says:

    I watched the video with artist/writer Dan Parent and he says that some writers use the transcript format. Is there a sample you can give us on how to do that? Dan Parent doesn’t explain that. Here’s the link to the video:—dan-parent

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  8. H Says:

    This is so frustrating! I still haven’t received an answer to my question anywhere I asked online! :(

  9. Darrin Says:

    Well the page count is no longer 256 and has since been shrunk several times to 160- which funny enough was the size of the original Archie digest line, but with adds. The sturdy cover cover format has also been abandoned quite a while ago and its pretty much the same as the floppies. They should just abandon the “double” in the title and make all the digests 160 pages. It’s a shame that the last original Archie digest title is coming to an end.

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