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In contrast to my last link post, here are a couple of good convention-related links:

Convention sketch by Dylan Meconis

Well-known writer/editor Jamie S. Rich put together a post on how to show work to publishers. Good advice, plus he lists the contents of a good pitch package. I like his bluntness:

I’m giving it to you as straight as I can, and if you can’t take this, you’re not ready to get out there and sell your art. This stuff is hard for a reason, and there are plenty of other folks out there ready and willing to do what it takes if you can’t.

If you want to see the high points of convention-going, Dylan Meconis (Bite Me) has posted pages from her convention journal sketchbook, with guest appearances by Erika Moen, Carla Speed McNeil, and Steve Lieber. Dylan has excellent observations that feel like being there, only you wouldn’t have noticed how funny it was.

In non-con news, Sigrid at Fantastic Fangirls reminds us of the power of the dollar and the message it can send when buying comics. The comments widen the discussion to remind us to buy what we like, but consider what it means when we do so.

Last, a little explanation. Newsarama ran an article two months ago about Bluewater’s celebrity comics. They asked to interview me, given my outspoken comments on the subject previously, but they refused to talk about Bluewater’s shady business practices, only allowing comment on the publisher’s lack of quality. And it’s a typical modern journalism article, presenting “both sides” without checking out any of the claims made or putting in factual context.

I was surprised to see the New York Times run basically the same article earlier this week. Theirs goes further, though, allowing Bluewater to claim that their books promote “female empowerment” in a puff piece on the company (with a smug photo of owner Darren G. Davis). My quote was reprinted there, and while I think the article is misguided, it’s always nice to get a link from such a widely read source.

(I wanted to call this post “dead tree linkblogging” in honor of my deceased oak, but I couldn’t make it all about print works, which would make the pun make sense.)

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