Signs Archaia Exclusive, Develops Bonus Materials for Digital Comics has just announced that they will be the exclusive digital provider of Archaia comic books.

When I looked at the state of digital comic distributors last month, this was a concern of mine, that we’d start seeing exclusivity announcements as an attempt for digital companies to set themselves apart from their competitors. CEO Micah Baldwin said, regarding the deal, in the company newsletter:

We will be able to do interesting and innovative things around story lines, creators, and characters. We are working hard to get all of Archaia’s books onto the system and available soon.

Right now, they have The Killer #1-4, Days Missing #1-4, Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 #1-6, and Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #1-6. went on to announce that they “are excited to be the first to bring Bonus Materials to our digital books.” Their versions of Irredeemable #1 (from Boom! Studios) and Milo Ventimiglia Presents Berserker #0 and #1 (Top Cow) now feature audio commentaries. Irredeemable has writer Mark Waid and artist Peter Krause; Berserker Milo Ventimiglia, Rick Loverd, and Russ Cundiff. (I don’t know what their roles were on the comic. It looks like Loverd wrote it and the other two
“produced” in some unspecified fashion.) The commentaries are hosted by guys from comic site iFanboy, owned by

The company is working on bonus material for “about a dozen” more comics with the hope that eventually all of their digital publications will have some, including the possibility of video or related games. Which leads to the question: when do digital comics stop being comics?

Update: I wonder how online music would have developed if there were certain tracks you could only get through iTunes and others that you couldn’t listen to there, but had to install a different player. I know digital comic distributors are fighting for attention, and goodness knows that the comic industry has always been about exclusives (look at how you can only buy superhero periodicals through Diamond Comic Distribution), but I’m not a fan of this approach.

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