Save Apathea: The Americus Webcomic

First Second will be releasing Americus, a graphic novel written by MK Reed (Cross Country) and drawn by Jonathan Hill, in Fall of 2011.

But as Reed puts it, “that’s like forever away and the book is already done and everything”, so they will be serializing it online at starting now, a new page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here’s the plot description:

Americus is about Neil Barton, a fourteen-year-old at the bottom of the high school food chain who’s fighting to keep his favorite fantasy series (The Chronicles of Apathea Ravenchilde, the Huntress Wytch) from being banned in the town library by conservative Christians.

The 24-page first chapter, already posted, previously appeared in Papercutter #7. This looks like it will be a fascinating read, tackling some concepts core to the American identity, including pitting “protect the children” against “freedom to read” and how books rescue those who don’t fit in.

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