Get Him to the Greek Blu-Ray Comes With Extra Movie
August 3, 2010

Now this is the kind of extra I can get behind: If you buy on Blu-ray, due out September 28, you get an extra movie. But not to keep.

Get Him to the Greek, a quasi-sequel/spinoff to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, stars Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. The DVD is available in three formats: the Blu-ray, a two-disc Collector’s Edition, and a single-disc DVD. As with other raunchy comedies, they’ve included an unrated cut, plus the original theatrical version.

Blu-ray buyers with an internet-connected player can stream one of three bonus movies — Uncle Buck, Dazed and Confused, or Life — through BD-Live before March 31, 2011. In addition, that format has these exclusive bonus features:

Get Him to the Greek Blu-ray
Get Him to the Greek
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  • Additional and extended scenes
  • Musical performances from The Today Show and VH-1 Storytellers
  • A karaoke function
  • Audition tapes for Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, Nick Kroll, Aziz Ansari, and T.J. Miller

These next list of bonus features covers those found on both Blu-ray and the two-disc DVD. (I assume some of them make sense to those who’ve seen the movie.)

  • Gag reel
  • Blind Medicine – a promo for Sarah Marshall’s new TV series
  • Commentary with director Nicholas Stoller and Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, and producer Rodney Rothman
  • Five music videos featuring Aldous Snow, Infant Sorrow, and Jackie Q
  • Three documentaries
  • Deleted, extended, and alternate scenes, including an alternate intro and ending
  • A digital copy of the movie
2 Responses  
Paul Sizer writes:  

I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, and when I heard this was the same basic creative team, I decided to check it out.
It’s not a bad film by any stretch, but it lacks some of the charm and sweet humor that balanced out the gross-out humor that both films had in abundance. Brand’s Aldous Snow character played well against the more innocent/sweet characters in FORGETTING, but here, without that contrast, the Aldous Snow character doesn’t work as well.
Worth seeing cheaply if you were a fan of the first film.

Johanna writes:  

Thanks for that — I enjoyed FSM, but I don’t think this one is my kind of humor. I liked the romantic aspect and the island setting of the other. As you put it, I’d want more “charm and sweet humor”.


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