Troublemaker Book 2 Preview

Dark Horse has sent over this nine-page preview from Troublemaker Book 2 ($17.99 for 112 color pages), due out in early November. This volume concludes the story begun in Troublemaker Book 1, which debuted last month with a 100,000-copy print run, due to its co-author, bestselling writer Janet Evanovich. This two-volume story is the third in her Barnaby series, begun as novels. Both books are drawn by the talented Joelle Jones, and here’s the solicitation copy:

Barnaby, Hooker, Rosa, Felicia, and Beans the St. Bernard set sail to the Florida Keys in order to find the wooden body of Baron Samedi that matches their recently acquired (and stolen) wooden hand. But in the world of Petro Voodoo a hand for a hand and a Baron for a boat is fair play. When the Happy Hooker disappears from its mooring in the Keys, Barnaby and Hooker have to find a way back to Miami with the stolen body of Baron Samedi. Ransom notes for the Happy Hooker, a sack of snakes, and a ticked-off chicken leave only one place safe enough to hide a body . . . Hooker’s mom’s house — a situation that makes the sack of snakes look like chump change.

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13 Responses to “Troublemaker Book 2 Preview”

  1. Thad Says:

    Holy crap, is that a real cover? Because it looks more like a comical exaggeration to prove a point.

    Nobody show Patrick Zircher; he’ll have a stroke.

  2. Johanna Says:

    It’s pretty much the same as the book one cover, only different color and art underprint. The authors are the selling point here.

  3. ShadZ Says:

    I agree, that is a terrible cover. If you are not an Janet Evanovich fan, it gives you no reason to pick it up. I understand, they don’t want the Evanovich fans to miss it, but what about attracting the general public too?

    The preview of the inside pages makes the book look interesting. The cover, not so much

  4. Jay Faerber Says:

    I think Dark Horse’s argument is probably that Evanovich fans ARE the general public. Certainly more than comic fans.

    I know my mom’s gonna pick this up, and she doesn’t even read MY comics. *Sniff.*

  5. Johanna Says:

    Ha! Sorry about that family trouble, but good point. I’m not sure non-Evanovich fans would be interested in the book, so no point in trying to attract them.

  6. Thad Says:

    I don’t know what an Evanovich is but I like the art. But yeah, I’ve got the good sense to know I don’t represent the mainstream public (a lesson a lot of comics fans would do well to learn). I understand the marketing reason, but it’s still pretty insulting to the artist, and do the writers’ names really need to be THAT many times larger than hers? I’m pretty sure Evanovich fans would still notice that the cover said “Evanovich” if it were half that size. And/or only on the cover once.

    (Actually, pencils and inks aside, I’d like to know who did those colors. Anybody know?)

  7. Johanna Says:

    The colors for book one were by Dan Jackson, if that helps. And the cover designs are in line with the novels in the same series, where the author’s name takes up half the cover. There, you’re right, there isn’t an artist to credit, but her fans seem to expect these minimal designs.

    This is not a “graphic novel by Writer X and Artist Y”. This is an adaptation of a story by Evanovich to be sold to her audience, so the illustrator isn’t exactly an equal partner. Unfortunately, since the art is the reason I most enjoyed reading the book.

  8. Jay Faerber Says:

    I’ll certainly concede that Alex Evanovich’s name doesn’t need to be nearly as large as it is.

  9. Shari Says:

    you should read the Metro Girl and Motor Mouth books first… they are what these graphic novels are based on…

    Janet Evanovich is a great writer… and I can’t wait to read these comics.

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