The Net Is Turning Female

According to the NY Times,

  • women are “still slightly in the minority” among web users globally but
  • women spend more time online than men do, on average two more hours online a month
  • women spend about one-third of their time online in communications: email, IM, social networking, while men spend about 25%
  • women spend more time than men gaming
  • the biggest demographic (most time spent) for online gaming is women over 55; they play mostly board, card, and puzzle games
  • half the men visit “sex-themed sites”, but over one-third of women do too

Of course, traditional gamers, the boys 15-24, will likely say those types of games “don’t count”, the way they discount the Wii as only for kids and girls. But that kind of comment comes out of fear that they’ll quit getting product targeted for them. If the markets are bigger elsewhere (and likely easier to please), then it would make sense for companies to start targeting those customers.

5 Responses to “The Net Is Turning Female”

  1. Thom Says:

    This is scary…will it it turn male users gay when the net is more populated by female users? ;)

  2. Thad Says:

    Yeah, gotta love the “HARDCORE GAMER” types. Because, you know, Super Mario Bros is for newbs.

    Actually had an argument in a GamePolitics comments thread a few weeks back where somebody described the traditional gamers as “mainstream”. I tried to explain the definition of “mainstream” to him several times but I’m not sure it took.

    It’s really all the same partisan bickering I was sick of at the age of 9 when it was SNES versus Genesis. I can’t begin to understand the attitude that people aren’t allowed to like Mass Effect AND Super Mario Galaxy.

  3. Johanna Says:

    It’s typical of any interest group formed by those who feel left out in other ways. They’re so happy to find others like them that they become very exclusive to “outsiders”.

  4. El Santo Says:

    Heck, as a member of the male demographic I know my wife tends to spend more time on the computer than me (although she’ll never admit it). I’m guessing Twitter, Facebook, and LiveJournal are the big x-factors here.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Ha! Same in my family! I bet readers could have guessed that though.

    It would be interesting to know how much of that time is multi-tasking – I’m usually doing more than just netting when I’m on, like also listening to music or watching TV.




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