Planning for Baltimore Comic-Con

I am greatly anticipating going back to the Baltimore Comic-Con this year! KC, Ed Sizemore, Caroline, and I are planning to caravan up to the show on Saturday, August 28. The show is open 10-6 and Sunday 10-5, reasonable hours to see the many guests without tiring everyone out.

And what a guest list! Cliff Chiang! Amanda Conner! Todd Dezago! Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez! (Wow! How often do you see HIM on a guest list! Such a talent!) Adam Hughes! Mike Allred! Barry Kitson! Howard Chaykin! Steve Lieber! Denny O’Neil! Jeff Parker! David Petersen! Craig Rousseau! The Simonsons! Mark Waid! Thom Zahler! And that’s just my “must say hi” list, without even yet venturing into Artists Alley.

The Baltimore Comic-Con is a fun, old-school show with the emphasis firmly on comics. There will be plenty of retailers there to sell you back issues, and some of my favorite publishers — Boom!, Dark Horse, and Top Shelf — will also be setting up. If you’re in the region, you should consider going.

If you’re exhibiting, let me know, because I’d love to stop by and check out your work. And if you’re attending, what are you looking forward to doing there?

11 Responses to “Planning for Baltimore Comic-Con”

  1. Julia L. Says:

    I’ll be there! I hope to see all of you there, maybe for longer than we managed at Heroes. The main thing I’m looking forward to is again meeting my favorite creators and getting artwork. That guest list is the biggest draw for me. The rest will depend on the con schedule, especially programming wise.

  2. politescott Says:

    I’ll be there, dragging my brother-in-law along — or maybe it’s the other way around. It’ll be my first visit to the ‘Con and my only plans involve relaxing and spending money.

  3. Darren J. Gendron Says:

    I’ll be setting up in Artist Alley. I want to say this is my fourth year there? Maybe my fifth.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Julia, yes, the guest list was the selling point for me too. Regarding a longer visit, I think we were talking about getting sushi at some point, since Ed found a place near the conference center. Wanna go?

    I’m hoping to get some information on the programming soon — I’ve got some feelers out about what’s on the schedule.

    Scott, cool! I hope you both have a great time. I’d love to say hi, but I know you’re kind of undercover. :)

    Darren, your shirts look nifty! (Readers, click his name.)

  5. Julia L. Says:

    Johanna, yes, I’m definitely interested!

  6. Tyler James Says:

    I’m extremely jazzed for the Baltimore Comic Con, as this is my second there. My collaborators and I will be debuting our new book “EPIC” at the show. I enjoy reading your blog, Johanna and I hope you’ll stop by our booth and say hi.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Will do!

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