Wacky World LinkBlogging: Using Comics to Quit, More on DC OGNs, Two Fun Bad Reviews

I think this counts as a comic strip, blending words and pictures to tell a story, even if it’s text-driven: Quitting via Whiteboard, a photo series (that’s probably fake).

I Quit

This is not me.

If you’re curious about reaction to the news that DC is changing its OGN plans, check out this iFanboy thread on the subject, where many fans are disappointed by DC’s cold feet. One poster did have an interesting story:

Yeah, my LCS [local comic shop] gave out a special order form for this about a month back, for a book not coming out till November. This seemed odd, so I asked my LCS owner what the deal was. Apparently there were some calls from their Dimaond rep to get the orders in on this “fast.” They thought it odd too, so they put out the forms. Response was lukewarm, most people saying “It’s a trade, I don’t need to pre-order it.” Which I think is probably the overall issue. There’s no litmus test for the book’s popularity other than pre-sales before it’s release. If people aren’t deciding to pre-order this because “the trade will always be there, in reprints and second editions, etc.” There’s less immediacy in gauging the popularity of a line (and that’s the important part) of OGNs.

Sounds like sales were much less than DC expected, and when they tried to goose the numbers (perhaps to show higher-ups?), they didn’t get the response they needed. But as that commenter points out, why should you worry about preordering a book that presumably will be widely available? It’s not like a comic that might sell out in a week. If DC is treating it as one (the way Marvel infamously handles its books, similar to periodicals), then that’s another sign that they aren’t yet ready to make the transition to book-format comics.

Update: Heidi got a statement from DC that doesn’t mention periodicals, simply saying that “Our plans regarding the EARTH ONE line of original graphic novels have not changed.”

Chris Sims savages Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men motion comic, including a couple of clips that are quite unintentionally amusing. From his review:

… when it was over, I came to the conclusion that a lot of people had worked very hard and put the cutting edge of technology to work in order to make the 21st century equivalent of those crappy Marvel cartoons from the ’60s. But without the charming theme songs.

Sims also reviews Life With Archie #1, where he discusses the conflict between the packaging, aimed firmly at young teens, and the actual story content:

I’ve joked before that a comic that was really about “Mature Themes” wouldn’t have swearing and sex and violence and other stuff teenagers like, it’d be about a guy who was really dissatisfied with his job and worried that he’d made the wrong choices and become a failure in his life while slowly growing more isolated from the people he once called friends. And that is exactly what this comic is about.

But wait! It gets even weirder, with an Archie Multiverse and various Dilton versions travelling between the universes as everything becomes as miserable as possible. I think I enjoyed reading Chris’ comments much more than I could enjoy reading the comic.

7 Responses to “Wacky World LinkBlogging: Using Comics to Quit, More on DC OGNs, Two Fun Bad Reviews”

  1. Jer Says:

    Sims’s review has me planning to go buy the comic.

    Because he makes it sound like a serious soap opera comic with time travel and alternate dimensions baked in. That’s the kind of non-superhero book that we need more of and that I might actually enjoy reading (two categories that aren’t always overlapping). So I might as well throw a few dollars to supporting it and if it’s half as good as Chris suggests I’ll probably enjoy it (even as it depresses me to read it).

  2. Johanna Says:

    I hope you do enjoy it! Let us know what you think after you read it.

  3. James Schee Says:

    LOL Johanna, I was having a SERIOUSLY bad day, and that skit/comic/whatever did the impossible and made me laugh. (and then I laughed again when I saw your “This is not me” caption, pfft like people’d believe you’d quit blogging:) )

    I’ve only seen a part of the Watchmen (which was the first one from DC right?) motion comic and I agree they d look like the old 60s Marvel cartoons. Which having thought of it now, I have the darn Captain America “throw his mighty shield” song stuck in my head.

    I actually got to read the Archie magazine the other day. I have not read the wedding stories as yet, so was coming into this clean. The Veronica one was better.

    There were good conflicts setup, and situations for the various characters. Things that were thought of by fans but never really shown, like Moose and Midge’s relationship, were given a lot of space.

    The Betty one just seemed off, Archie except for one scene just seems really depressed for the most part. Add in that there’s actually a sequence that is shown happening in the Veronica universe that apparently happens in the Betty one as well. Yet in the Veronica story it was given a few pages, in Betty its given a couple of sentences. So maybe that’s why they are putting the two together?

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  5. ShadZ Says:

    Johanna, please give Life with Archie a chance. I enjoyed #1 much more than the “Archie gets Married” storyline that it spun out of…

  6. James Schee Says:

    Whiteboard was fake


    Interview with actress Elyse who played Jennie, plus the Chice site’s guy. Still funny!

  7. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, I still like it as a comic, what with her expressions and all.

    Shad, I do plan to read Life With Archie for myself. Thanks for the encouragement.




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