Viz Announces First Blu-ray: Death Note Collection

Due out August 24th is the first Blu-ray format set from Viz Pictures: The Death Note Collection.

The Death Note Collection cover
The Death Note Collection
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It’s a three-disc set with a list price of $39.98 US, containing both the Death Note live-action movie and its sequel Death Note II: The Last Name, plus a bonus disc with “more than two hours of all-new behind-the-scenes footage”. The films can be run either with an English-dubbed dialogue track or with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Both movies will also be shown at Viz Cinema in San Francisco on September 4, starting at noon. Combo tickets are $35 but include a copy of the Blu-ray as well as a poster, or you can watch both movies without the gifts for $15, one for $10.

Viz Pictures is also holding a giveaway contest open to those in the U.S. and Canada. Enter to win autographed posters for Death Note and Death Note II. Three winners will each get posters “along with an autograph from one of the three lead actors –- Tatsuya Fujiwara (who played Light), Erika Toda (Misa) and actor Kenichi Matusyama (L/Ryuzaki)”. Contest ends September 24.


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