Win Signed Avatar: The Last Airbender DVD Set, Art Book!
August 11, 2010

I have been given a couple of terrific prizes to share with you all, so let’s do a contest! You have the chance to win either of these, both of which have been signed by Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, the creators of the cartoon show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Art of the Animated Series coverThe Complete Book 1 (Collectors Edition) cover
The Art of the Animated SeriesThe Complete Book 1 (Collector’s Edition)
An oversized hardcover art book with all kinds of character sketches and background information covering the development of the animated series, with commentary by Konietzko and DiMartinoA limited-edition 7-disc DVD set that includes all 20 episodes (also available separately) plus a preview booklet for the hardcover book and an exclusive bonus disc containing a behind-the-scenes documentary
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To enter this contest, post a comment here saying which element you would choose to control and why. The two winners will be selected at 3 PM East Coast time on Friday, August 13. (That’s not much time, so enter quickly and spread the word!) If you’d like to know more about the series, check out our Avatar: The Last Airbender manga reviews.

(U.S. and Canada entries only, please. Winners will be selected by random number draw and emailed for their physical mailing address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)

51 Responses  
Caroline writes:  

Water! Because maybe I could do something about this humidity.

Rita writes:  

This is difficult! Should I choose based on who I currently am as a person, or who I aspire to be? Or based on the character I love the most in the show?

I wish I could say Fire or Air, but I think in the end I have to choose Water. I like the versatility of Water, where it can play essential support roles (healing) as well as powerful offensive. It doesn’t require me to to enjoy high heights (air), and I’m not so hard-headed that I can do Earth. Also, Fire is too hot; as awesome and straight-forward as it is, I need my air conditioning! :D

Ryan writes:  

Water–its more graceful and civilized. Plus, the Earth is 75% covered by water, so it would make me pretty dang powerful.

Nick writes:  

Air, so I can save electricity in the summer!

J. Torres writes:  

Since I have a bit of a fire phobia (or at least of getting burned), see flying as a necessary evil, and was never for playing in dirt, mud or sand as a kid…I choose water!


Sarah writes:  

Hmmm… my first instinct was water, but I think I’m going to go with Earth! It’s very suited for defense, and I am a naturally defensive and stubborn person, so it fits my personality better than water. Maybe I could use it to help out farmers around here or move earth to find more natural underground water (most of our lakes in this city are man-made, and our main water source is hundreds of miles away and drying up). Besides, I live in a dry climate, where there’s little water anyway, air would likely just start brush fires, and fire is asking for trouble! Earth just makes sense.

Maddy writes:  

Earth. It’s something you can build with, and it would be really useful for everything from gardening to building and construction, helping people when there earthquakes or landslides. Also, metalbending is just plain cool.

David Oakes writes:  

Fire, because, well, I am a jerk.

At the same Water, because I love to swim, and have always felt at home in a pool.

(Really, both, at the same time. What can I say, I contradict myself.)

Basque writes:  

Air! ‘Cause there’s only one airbender left. There should be more.

Michael J writes:  

I gotta go with Water, I’m pretty sure BP could afford a few waterbenders right about now.

Greg Manuel writes:  

Water – it would make cleaning our lakes, rivers and oceans all the easier, I would think!

Caporushes writes:  

I would choose water, myself. It has the most potential for creative applications. There’s a LOT of water in the world, in most living things– the potential to harm, heal, and control is immense. The whole bloodbending thing just proves it. I mean fire is rad, earth is rad– but water and air strike me as the most versatile (assuming air, like water, applies to more than just the mix of gases we breathe). And I know more tai chi than ba gua. ;3

Vivian writes:  

Hm. How to chose? Either I could base it on my personality type and match both pros and cons of the skills to myself. Or I could chose according to environment. Or perhaps fear? Am I more frightened of being set on fire, drowned or dropped from a great height? :P

Adaptability of the skills is dependent on the creativity of the bender, so I can’t say that one is more flexible than another.

I want to say fire or water, but I don’t think my personality has the self-control needed to keep fire from exploding into doom, though I like the directness. And while the tai-chi and healing aspect of water is grand, blood bending is abusable and I tend to avoid large bodies of water.

I’ll have to chose earth because it’s direct and straight forward. I like building things, so metal bending and the idea of playing legos with the country side is awesome. It also has a good balance of offensive and defensive capabilities.

Bill Roundy writes:  

Much as I’d like to shoot fireballs sometimes, I’ve got to go with Air, because… dude, flying! Woosh! Also, whenever I have flying dreams, it works exactly like airbending, so I feel like I’ve already had practice.

Nick Marino writes:  

I LOVE AVATAR!!! Best show ever!!!

I’d choose to be a water bender because water is the building block of life. Specifically, I’d use the healing powers of water bending (as learned by Katara in Book 1!) to help injured people recover from devastating injuries. I’d also choose water because I’d like to be a part of the efforts to get water to communities stricken by droughts and unsafe drinking water. So many lives are lost due to a lack of safe, clean water, and I’d like to help fight that problem.

Trenton Quinn writes:  

I would choose air. Not only because flying would be incredible, but also because it aligns with my personal philosophy. As Iroh said, “air is the element of freedom. The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns, and they found peace and freedom.” Air creates a very unique possibility where the only boundaries that exist for you are the ones you place on yourself.

Rob writes:  

Wow, what a great set of prizes! Also, what a hard choice.

On the one hand, I feel like I oughta pick Air–flight is always the one ability I chose whenever I answer a “If you had superpowers” question, and the airbending power set (flight/telekenesis) is one that appeals to me.

On the other hand, I’m a rock physicist when not posting on comics-related message boards, so Earth is such a natural fit with my day job. Plus I like the guy in the opening credits who pops the boulder out of the ground and kicks it offscreen.

Rrgh, how to choose? I’ll go earth, I guess–it’s more who I am now, and less who I’d want to be.

SKFK writes:  

First of all, thank you so much for such a great giveaway contest!

I would pick fire as my element of choice at this moment, because I have been feeling quite crappy for the last couple of weeks due to the stress from my job and I feel like going on a destructive binge. (Of course, I only say that because it’s a hypothetical question based on a fictional fantasy world. Even if I had the power to control fire, I wouldn’t use it for evil.)

James Schee writes:  

Air so I can fly, and hopefully keep myself cool in these 105 degree Texas summer days.

Daniella Orihuela-Gruber writes:  

I would have to say that my element is definitely fire. My zodiac sign is a fire sign (Leo) and many people in my family are also fire signs, so when I started watching Avatar, I kind of just knew I was a fire bender, no questions asked. Just like them, I’m pretty stubborn and can be single-minded to the point of ignoring everything else sometimes.

But more importantly, fire is a pretty cool element to control. Like we learned in the third season, fire isn’t just about destruction, it contains the spark of life. I believe that fire bending, could probably be used to create life where it was trampled before, much like electric shocks help get a person’s heart pumping again in hospitals.

And without fire, where would the human race be right now? I don’t think we’d have all the luxuries we own without it. The creation of fire gave us the spark to move forward as a species.

hapax writes:  

A hard choice, but I’d say Earth, because I feel the closest affinity to the earthbenders in the series — Fire is too destructive, Air too mystical, Water too … ambivalent, ambiguous, I guess.

Besides, Earth feels solid and definite. When you bend Earth, it STAYS bent.

Shannon Smith writes:  

Air. It’s in every place a person can go so it’s less dependent than the others.

Ron Oliver writes:  

Thanks for the opportunity to enter your awesome giveaway! This is great!

For me, I would choose to control water, it’s one of the most precious resources we have, without it we all would die. Air of course is just as important, for without air, we couldn’t survive either, But I would prefer to control water, I’d make sure that ALL drinking water, the world over, would be clean
for everyone and also the oceans, lakes, rivers, creeks, all of it, would be pure.

Jeff writes:  

I’d have to go with Air. The ability to fly is so tempting. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally missing the ground anymore.

Shira writes:  

Definitly water. I happen to love the bending style, which is really pretty. Water can also be used to heal, and soothe. It does help tremendously that Katara is so cool. I mean, if i could do that air bubble thing underwater….think of the glorious possibilities….

Lizzie writes:  

I would be a Firebender. Fire’s the most dangerous and trickiest to control, and I love a challenge. I also think that I have enough self-control to really make use of such a destructive element. In particular, I would love to control lightning-it’s both beautiful and terrifying. In real life two of my favorite things are lightning storms and campfires… Yep. Definitely a Firebender.

Thad writes:  

Tough call, but I think I’m going to have to go with the crowd and say water. I think it’s the desert rat in me: it’s 108 out and we could really use some rain about now.

Ross Campbell writes:  

i’d pick water, also, because there’s water EVERYWHERE, ripe for the bending, and you could do evil stuff like suck the water out of people’s bodies, or handy things like have water to drink during an apocalypse, or pull water out of the air for people to drink in a water shortage or separate contaminated water from the toxins with a hand gesture. i think it’s the most versatile also because compared to the other elements it has the greatest capacities for both creation and destruction (particularly destruction! TIDAL WAVE), both healing and attack.

philosophically it matches up to some great Taoist principles like wu wei and its water metaphors, like water’s nature of being soft and gentle yet being able to wear away the strongest of boulders, and water being able to fill any space and assume any shape. it’s the ultimate in adaptation and “going with the flow.”

fourthage writes:  

Fire’s the sexiest element, for sure, but I have to go with earth. No doubt it’s my farmer roots showing, but the ability to till an entire field at once is just too good to pass up.

anthy writes:  

I’d love to control wind/air! I read a series of books in my childhood involving personified wind (anyone else read the Gom on Windy Mountain books?) so I have a soft spot for wind. Fire has too much potential to go out-of-control, and earth not enough. Water would also be good…but I’d have to go with wind.

Thank you for the giveaway – I would really love to have these, as I’ve only seen a bit of the Avatar series and would love to see the rest.

anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

Argo Plummer writes:  

I would choose air–I am always a sucker for the air based characters in elemental derivatives–Sue Storm Richards in FF; Vortex in the Elementals–I have totally bought into the idea that air is the most versatile, powerful element, so I choose air.

Paul Mata writes:  

Wow, awesome prizes. I like how a lot of thought was put into the series.

I would definitely control Earth, mantis-style like Toph, the baddest bender there is. Need a house? BUILT. Need some cash? DIAMONDED. Transportation problems? FLYING ROCK. (always thought they just got away with floating boulders because it was fun)

Jessica C. writes:  

I would love to be a water bender because I think it is so beautiful and graceful element to bend! I would love what I could do with it like surf and freeze things! Also I am natural born as a water element! So I think I would be good at it!


Robert S. writes:  

If given the opportunity to choose an element to bend (and assuming I couldn’t just skip the difficult decision by being the Avatar), I think I’d choose Earth.

The show did a great job of demonstrating creative uses for every bending type, but I think Earth was one of the best represented. It’d be difficult to pass up the ability to fly with Air, the ability to surf, ski, and heal with Water, or the power involved with Fire, but Earthbending has an appeal to me that I’m finding it difficult to explain. There’s just something… concrete to it. No pun intended (much).

Plus, some of my favorite characters in the show were Earthbenders. :)

Barry Deutsch writes:  

I’d choose air, because I’m beginning to plan for attending comic book conventions, and it would be really convenient if I could fly long distances.

Paul Sizer writes:  

For a big, solid guy like me, Earth-bending is the natural focus, using my mass for good, rather than evil! Although, I would take Water-Bending as a close second, only because Katara makes it so bad-ass!

Kyle A. writes:  

I live in Michigan, so I’d probably be a Water-Bender. Imagine bending from Lake Superior! Such a huge amount of water all over the place. Ker-pow!

Terry H. writes:  

Ooo… That’s a tough one.

Probably earth or, more specifically, Toph’s own brand of metal bending. Would go well with the apparent Steampunk-ish new tech coming up in the Legend of Korra show.

James writes:  

Fire. Rocks are everywhere, water is abundant and air surrounds us. The single most important thing to human life as we know it is fire. It keeps you warm, cooks you food, boils your water, keeps pests away and entertains on dark nights. Though it has fallen from favor with the introduction of electricity the ability to control and create fire would be a boon like no other.

Tracy W. writes:  

Earth! For the cool and tough sound effects.

Danielle Leigh writes:  

I think…air. After all “the *last* airbender” sounds kind of dire, so I think they could use a few more.

Noah writes:  

I live in Canada, so definitely water! No more shovelling the sidewalk or trudging through winter slush for me. Plus, creating ice during the summer? It’s a brilliant power year-round.

Niki S writes:  

Hm! Probably water? Living in a x-floor apartment means no easy access to earth, and fire’s not too useful there… Humid day? Push away the moisture in the air! Always got a handy supply, and they showed with sweat. You’d certainly never have to worry about a lack of fresh water when adrift in the ocean.

That “Art of” book looks amazing.

Tara writes:  

Hm…I always thought I wouldn’t be a bender. I rather like the Kyoshi Warriors, and how – while they were founded by Avatar Kyoshi, who COULD bend – they themselves were still strong upholders of the law without being benders. So I suppose if I had to chose, I would be a Kyoshi Warrior.

But as a backup, I would say firebender. I’m pretty impulsive and have a short fuse, and I’ve always wanted to be able to light candles. Plus, there is something strangely beautiful about how wild and amazing the element is. So, yeah. That’s my answer.

HR writes:  

Water! You can freeze it, melt it, boil it, heal with it and manipulate people like dolls with it clearly the best. Plus, you have an unlimited supply of it, the oceans and yourself!

Jay writes:  

I’d definitely pick water as well. Of course, I’d want to focus on the Northern water, ice, and snow component because I love the cold (and hate the heat).

Ian writes:  

I would choose fire. Imagine – Anywhere weenie roast!


Denise writes:  

Earth. Just imagine all the fun structures you could ‘build’ with ease. The world would be my Lego set.

Faith writes:  

Air! Um … just because? XD

Mikayla G writes:  

Fire. Imagine how perfect my bbqs would be!


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