Help SLG Publishing Defend Itself From Winchester Mystery House

SLG Publishing has started a legal defense fund. As reported, the comic company has

been embroiled in a trademark issue revolving around our comic book about a certain gun heiress. … So far just responding to the letters we have gotten has cost us well into five figures, more than we could possibly ever hope to recover publishing comics for the next two years. …

Just so we are being clear, SLG is not raising money to fight some long, drawn-out court case, there isn’t enough money in all of comics for that kind of fight, we are asking for money to pay for the costs of responding to the letters and harassment from the baseless claims thrown at us. This is money we have already spent, a lot of it borrowed, for which there will be no return and is now affecting our ability to operate.

If you’ve ever enjoyed any of their publications, please go to that link and throw them a few dollars. You won’t get anything for it but some really good karma, but if I’m reading between-the-lines properly, they need to recoup the money they’ve already spent or the company may be unable to continue, especially in these tough economic times.

The comic is assumed to be Winchester #1, first announced last year and since renamed “The Secrets of Sarah Winchester”. It’s set at the Winchester Mystery House and features the weird historical story of Sarah Winchester as background.

2 Responses to “Help SLG Publishing Defend Itself From Winchester Mystery House”

  1. Lugh Says:

    What’s the issue? Are the Winchesters taking umbrage?

  2. Johanna Says:

    I don’t know if the current owners of the Winchester Mystery House are actually Winchesters or not. They seem to think that using their location as the setting for a story about an historical figure requires their approval. Which seems weird to me — I mean, if I write a story about the riot at Stonewall or Khrushchev at the United Nations or the founding of the local art museum, I don’t need permission.




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