Warner DVD2BLU Trade-In Program Extends to TV Show Sets
August 23, 2010

Warner Home Video has announced that their DVD2BLU trade-in program (whereby you can upgrade DVDs to Blu-ray versions for a small fee) now includes TV show sets.

Their list includes several of my favorites, the first two seasons of Chuck and both Pushing Daisies seasons. Also of geek interest are Fringe (first season), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Smallville seasons 6-8, and Supernatural (except for the second season, for some reason).

It’s $14.95 or $19.95 a set — newer ones cost more — or about a $10-15 savings off of what Amazon lists them for. Don’t forget to figure in shipping, which is $4.95 an item or free with $35 or more purchase. The way the process works, you fill out your shopping cart, send in your existing DVDs, and wait a month to get the Blu-rays in the mail.

5 Responses  
Dwight Williams writes:  

Still not switching.

James Schee writes:  

Chuck & Supernatural are going to be tempting….

Yet I like to take my TV shows DVD with me to watch on my computer on trips and the like. The Blu-Ray player I have is more for big done in one entertainment level stuff.

Johanna writes:  

We sprung for Chuck and Pushing Daisies, because the visuals are so neat in that one. We traded in a couple of movies as well, although like you, those I want to be able to watch on the go or in multiple rooms of the house, we kept DVD.

Thom writes:  

No worries, Dwight…I don’t thinking Johanna mentioned this to convince people they should adopt blu-ray. :)

The Mask on Blu-ray » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] bought as part of the Warner Blu-ray trade-in program (which, by the way, was amazing — although it says allow 4-5 weeks, we got our upgraded discs in a week and a half!) […]


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