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Thanks to the kind folks at, “home of your favorite funny and cool pop culture T-shirts”, I have a contest!

Five people will each win one of these Justice League superhero t-shirts! There’s a Batman logo, a Superman logo, a Flash logo, a Green Lantern logo, and to honor how he’s always there in the background, a Martian Manhunter art T. (If you’re looking for group images of the Justice League, has those too. They allow you to design your own T-shirt or pick from cartoon, movie, music, superhero, TV show, and video game T-shirts. They offer free shipping, too, on orders over $50.)

Batman logo shirtSuperman logo shirtFlash logo shirt

Green Lantern logo shirtMartian Manhunter shirt

To enter this contest, post a comment here saying which Justice League member is your favorite and why. (Feel free to pick any era, which gives you almost any DC character.) The five winners will be selected at 3 PM East Coast time on Friday, September 3. Since ships to many countries, you can enter as long as your location is listed on their shipping FAQ.

Winners will be selected by random number draw and emailed for their physical mailing address and shirt preference, although choice is not guaranteed. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose. As always, thanks for reading!

57 Responses to “Win a Justice League T-Shirt!”

  1. Greg Briggs Says:

    I have to go with Batman. While I can give many logical arguments, it really boils down to his unwavering dedication to justice. How Batman has been portrayed over the years is so varied that it makes him a fascinating character to read.

  2. Shaun Says:

    There have been many incarnations of The Flash, but I have been a fan of Wally West over Barry Allen. Timm’s Justice League really nailed a depiction that added humor with a scarlet speedster who was as fast with a quip as he was with an assist.

  3. Erica Says:

    My favorite character in the JLA was, has always been, and always will be Wonder Woman. Watching her fly her ridiculously impractical invisible airplane to tying up and interrogating baddies to simply being cool, calm, strong and female, Wonder Woman will always be my main DC squeeze.

  4. Diana Green Says:

    Well, it partially depends on which Justice League you’re talking about- the original, Justice League Europe, JLI, or any of the more random Leagues from the Justice Leagues mini, or the current incarnation of the JLA.
    But I have to go with Wonder Woman too. As a survivor of the All-Star Squadron of the 40s on into the camp 60s and through numerous and painful revisions (the jury’s still out on the current one IMO, but I like it so far), she’s done two things that seem at odds with one another. She’s remained faithful to the original spirit in which she was created, and has evolved with the times. Her ethic is more significant than her powers.
    As a team member, she’s evolved from the role of “secretary” in the All-Stars to being a founding member and guiding light of the current League.
    And she looks darn good for a woman of 69!
    Yeah, I know. child of the Gods, immortal, all that…

  5. Chris Buckley Says:

    Right now my favorite is the John Stewart Green Lantern.


    Because my 3yo son and I are watching the animated Justice League, and he always wants me to play GL to his Flash when we make believe in the playground.

  6. Bill Beechler Says:

    I received the Justice League and JLU animated DVD set for Christmas this year and my 7 year old daughters (triplets) LOVED them. They especially liked all of the female heroes who were featured when the show went to Unlimited. Like Chris, I’m now a fan of Green Lantern because, for some reason, the girls say he’s the one most like me. I think, maybe, he has the most “Dad” presence on the show. One of my proudest geek-father moments happened last night. One of my daughters was playing with an old WB Store bean bag Green Lantern in her room. She didn’t know that I was also upstairs. I heard her reciting, in a very quiet voice, the Green Lantern oath. :)

  7. Brian Says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the Flash, because he was the guy that took the League to the other Earths for the way-cool crossovers.

  8. SKFK Says:

    Hey, thanks for another great contest! Since Batman is probably my favorite comic book character overall, he’s my favorite Justice League member by default as well. I like Batman because I love the fact that so many different interpretations of the same character is possible. He can hold his own alongside super-powered characters in Justice League, and he was a great straight man during Giffen/DeMatteis JLI era, not to mention the more down-to-earth street-level interpretations that tends to be prevalent in his solo titles.

  9. Argo Plummer Says:

    I promise I am not SKFK trying to double post and win more than one shirt, but Batman is my favorite Justice Leaguer and my favorite character. When thinking about which era, I too picked the Giffen/ DeMatteis era Batman as my favorite, followed closely by the Timm /DCU animated Batman from JL / JLU and then Morrisons uber-Batman from his JLA run.

  10. Michael Paciocco Says:

    I’m going to have to go with Superman. Because no one is more committed to helping and doing absolutely everything he can to make things better. At the same time, he’s the first to give everyone a chance to be the best they can.

    That’s what he’s all about.

  11. jimmy b. Says:

    Interesting. I realized I buy more Batman books but like Superman best. Batman’s focus is more singular, more on his own terms. I think he is easier to do right. But Superman, the best stories and depictions of his character are simultaneously cosmic and personal at the same time. Not an easy thing to do. The Clark-Superman spectrum of his character is so broad and makes so many things possible because of its breadth. He is one of us, the best of us, and a symbol for all of us at the same time.

  12. John Mundt, Esq. Says:

    For me, it just isn’t the Justice League without J’onn J’onzz. For better or worse (and sometimes the extremes of both categories), The Martian Manhunter has been there from the start. Heck, forget about just the JLA; over the course of my own life, he has been a lightning rod of fanboy argument, an embarrassment, a point of pride, a surprise, a joy, and the “go to guy” whenever I couldn’t think of anything to draw. Best of all, his story, as portrayed in the animated Justice League episodes, was the one that finally turned my non-comics-reading wife into a proud comics geek. Now, he’s something like the Patron Saint of our house as no less than five solemn J’onn action figures grace our shelves. I loves me the Supes, Bats, WW, et al…but the true heart of the Justice League is J’onn J’onzz.

  13. Abby Says:

    I could give a baker’s dozen different reasons for my undying love for GL, but it can probably be traced back to one root cause: he’s my dad’s favorite.

    My dad gave me his old issues of silver age Green Lantern as a kid, and I literally learned to read off of them.

  14. David Oakes Says:


    He was there at the begining, he has been there for nearly every ending, including being saddled with overseeing the ignoble death of Justice League Detroit. He can’t even get a decent icon. And yet throughout it all, he endures.

    Are Martians eligible for sainthood?

  15. Hooper Triplett Says:

    Hard not to throw my vote behind Big Barda. Never given her due, despite the support of Michel Chabon ( . . . .

  16. David Oakes Says:

    “I heard her reciting, in a very quiet voice, the Green Lantern oath. :)”

    Just give him the shirt already!

    (And if TeeSpot won’t, I will pony up $20 to make sure it comes with a child’s small bonus shirt. Do they have Girl’s styles?)

  17. Kitten Says:

    Wonder Woman, because she is female and powerful and awesome.

  18. James Schee Says:

    My favorite JLA member… hmmmm….

    As much as I loved the Blue Beetle & Booster Gold era, or especially the time when Ralph AND his wife Sue were both members.

    The one that just eeks out over those, is the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern from the Grant Morrison era. Like a line from that era said, him being on that team was like playing music with the Beatles.

    While his power made him at least their equal, his sheer awe and excitement for being there was something I really enjoyed in the series.

  19. kamandi68 Says:

    Elongated Man is my favorite. I guess it’s because he wasn’t as serious as the other Leaguers when I started reading (mid-70s).

  20. Johnny E! Says:

    I am going to Go with Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) from the Magnificent Seven Era. I loved Kyle’s youth, excitement, freshness, and newness to the role of Justice Leaguer. Also his developing friendship with The Flash (Wally West) helped bring a newness to the team.

  21. Christoph Says:

    Batman. Absolutely. No super powers. Just gadgets – how cool can it get?

  22. Hisui Says:

    I have to go with Batman. His mind is his greatest weapon and that puts him head and shoulders above the rest.

  23. SKleefeld Says:

    I’m an old school Barry Allen Flash fan myself. I think it has to do with all the interesting applications of super speed that Julie Schwartz and Gardner Fox kept finding back in the day. Also, Barry had a cool costume.

  24. Anthony Says:

    I have to go with Superman. Not only are his powers great (and fun), but I like that he’s motivated by a strong sense of altruism, which seems dismissed these days as a hero motivation in favor of tiresome angst. Also like that Supes is, well, personable, vs too many characters being insufferable jerks (I’m looking at you, current-DCU-comics Batman)…

  25. Rob H Says:

    As far as characters from those specific shirts go, I would say Batman is my favorite character. For me, as many others commenting here, as much as I love comics, the defining version of the Justice League seems to really come from the cartoons. If the cartoon version is fair game, then Hawkgirl is hands down my favorite. She is a strong woman, but still has weaknesses and character flaws and complexity.

  26. Johanna Says:

    Any era, any version, any media is fine. I just like hearing people talk about their favorite characters. Me, personally, I think I’d pick Ice from the Giffen/deMatteis/Maguire version — I loved that she had such a different, valuable personality from most typical superheroes.

  27. Terry L Says:

    My favorite League member has always been Martian Manhunter. He is truly the heart and soul of the group. When I was a kid, the first Super Powers figure I got was J’onn, a Christmas gift from a cousin. I had no idea who he was but I thought he was way cooler than Superman. Clark looks like us but J’onn has to shape shift to do so. The guy is truly an outsider, which I always related to. And when I decided to major in philosophy, I often thought of Martian Manhunter because (in my eyes) he’s by far DC’s most introspective and philosophical heroes…I just wish I still had that action figure.

  28. Scott Says:

    My first comic ever purchased was Justice League of America 110 wherein John Stewart showed up after Hal Jordan slipped on a bar of soap in the bath.

    Ever since, I’ve preferred Stewart over Jordan, and prefer Green Lantern as part of the JLA rather than in solo adventures.

    If Phantom Stranger (also appearing in that story) had joined, I probably would have chosen him.

  29. Adam Komar Says:

    The Flash. He gets the job done fast and, depending on which one we’re talking about, he probably has time before or afterward to get a joke in. He’s been a voice of reason, the team’s conscious and a motivator. He’s smart enough that he could spend his time locked in a laboratory, but he’s often the first one to offer to help at ground zero of a problem and he’s not always the first to offer just because he’s the fastest to do it.

  30. Wally East Says:

    Wally. I enjoyed seeing him grow into feeling as if he belonged. I liked the relationship he built with Kyle.

  31. Scott Says:

    Plastic Man. He’s probably been my favorite superhero since I was a kid, and it was a colossal thrill to get to read about him in “JLA,” which is still one of my favorite comics ever.

  32. Touch of Grey Says:

    If you were asking me this question when I was seven, I probably would have had a hard time choosing between Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. If you had asked me when I was twelve, I probably would have immediately said the Flash. After I saw this article, I went into my trade shelf and pulled out every Justice League book I have, from all eras. Going through them, my choice was easy.

    Red Arrow is my favorite Justice Leaguer of all time. He started off as a sidekick, a ‘Robin-lite’ if you will, and slowly evolved into one of the most likeable characters DC had to offer…at times. He’s had his good days, any interaction with Lian ever, and his bad days, that I don’t even have to talk about for y’all to know what I mean. He has been romantically involved with some of the most beautiful, powerful women the DCU has to offer without feeling inadequate next to them. And he was also the star of what I’m confident enough to call the worst miniseries of all time.

    Speedy. Arsenal. Red Arrow. No matter what you call him, Roy Harper will always have my vote.

  33. Trenton Quinn Says:

    Batman, hands down. For a mere human being to be placed alongside these superpowered heroes is an accomplishment in itself. To be both feared and revered by them brings him to a new level.

  34. Joe Garcia Says:

    Gotta be Vibe. Cause he represented, yo. Also, has any other member of the JLA been caught breakin’?

    Viva la Raza!

  35. Bill Says:

    I gotta go with the Bat as well. Batman is just an awesome mix of dark and light. Combo of mind + skills + tools = win.

  36. Josh Says:

    The Flash, even though he dies more times than an extra in Macbeth, is absolutely my favorite. Most human of any of the Justice League.

  37. CrackedNut Says:

    This is tough for me. Honestly it’s between Roy Harper and Wally West. Wally has a special place just for him because he is the reason I originally got into comics, but I’ll have to choose Roy. At first I rather disliked Roy. Well I disliked him and all the regular people with no powers in the league. I thought he was just a rich spoiled brat who had money and martial arts training. That and was a killer shot. It wasn’t until I did a little research on him and started reading some back issues of The Outsiders that I realized how human he was. His abandonment issues which caused him to rely on drugs as a crutch really stuck out to me. I mean if Superman felt abandoned he would go mope in space. Roy did something that a real person would do. Then on a mission he fell in love and wasn’t able to assassinate his target. Just comic book drama, but it shows his emotions well. Just so that I don’t go overboard with me explanation I’ll stop there. Overall, Roy Harper is my favorite Justice League member because of how well his humanity is portrayed.

  38. Max Barnard Says:

    Oh man, it just has to be Connor Hawke. A member for the shortest time yet he was so awesome. For those who don’t remember this was back when Morrison was on JLA and he basically had Hawke rescue all of the classic JLA. which is no small shakes. So for that alone he wins for me.

  39. Kelly Smith Says:

    The Question: What is not to like? He has no super powers, just like Batman. In the JLU episodes he was going to kill Luthor to save the image of the JL. He is a conspiracy theory expert and his ramblings were the funniest things ever!

  40. Kat Kan Says:

    When I was 11 years old, I fell in love with Hal Jordan. I would save my allowance in order to buy the Green Lantern comics at the little newsstand 2 blocks from my house. These comics were among the first things I was able to purchase on my own as a kid, and I treasured them, read and re-read them until the comics almost fell apart. I read other comics, too, but Hal was always my favorite. Even today, many decades later, I still have a soft spot for him, and he’s my favorite Green Lantern. For the record, I HATED Zero Hour, and I rejoiced when DC brought Hal back.

  41. wolfie Says:

    My favourite has always been Oliver Queen as Green Arrow, as he seems to be have more ‘human’ in him than many of the others. The man makes some dreadful mistakes and he’s clearly an arse, but he does mean well, and I can identify with that. How can anyone fail to love a man who fires arrows with boxing gloves on the end, anyway?

  42. Brian L. Manning Says:

    I have to go with Batman because he is the non powered hero,while Martian Manhunter has always been the heart of the JLA. Batman has always been the mind,never wavering in what was right and always thinking of non powered beings first.

  43. Michael Says:

    Alright for various reasons I haven’t read DC comics in a long time (and by various I mean certain things in the comics that I won’t get into here) and so I could be wrong about her membership but I so love and believe in this character I am staking my chance at a shirt on this once vote.

    Oracle. Sure, Babs was great when she was Batgirl but once she became Oracle, she became one of the most dynamic and interesting characters in comics. Period. Information broker, eskrima practitioner and all around icon. As someone who uses a wheelchair and rarely sees anyone in a chair in an action hero capacity, or even in a heroic capacity in comics, she means a lot to me, and to lots of other people. If she’s not a member of the JL she should be.

    Now, the other question…why hasn’t she had a t-shirt yet?

  44. Anna Says:

    Well it’s kinda obvious, that Booster Gold is my favourite JL member. I mean, after doing a Booster Gold costume and making two stage shows with him as a main character (and it goes on :3) there must be some kind of affection towards the character.

    He’s got one of the most interesting origins and has gone through A LOT since his first days which also defined the character even more.

    But I love him mainly because he’s so much fun to read about especially combined with Blue Beetle.

  45. Claudia Says:

    Red Arrow/Arsenal/Speedy/Roy Harper.
    Just because he is the most fair-minded person in the whole DC-Universe.

  46. Rob Says:

    Hm. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve read a Justice League comic, but I’ll say ‘Oracle’ as well. If not her, then probably Batman…just for punching out Guy Gardner. :)

  47. Tom Says:

    Ill always consider Batman the greatest member among the Justice League, as one of the icons of the association and original founder, he commits himself to the act of defending not only Gotham but the world and levels against the greatest of the other super-powered heroes by use of his own intellect and human technology. Any man who can keep up with Superman and Wonder-Woman. He has his flaws and weaknesses, but these are namely the faults of ordinary men and for that he best represents true stoicism in an extraordinary universe. (p.s. long live the league)

  48. Quonso Says:

    With no doubt my favorite is Batman.
    He makes JLA different to another SH’s groups…there are more Supers, more velocists, more aliens, but only ONE Batman.

    Greetings from Spain

  49. Abhishek Duggal Says:

    Superman because he is just super!

  50. spuffyduds Says:

    I have a weakness for the Giffen/deMatteis Martian Manhunter. Because of the Oreos. :-)

  51. Terrence Says:

    I like Hawkgirl from the Justice League cartoon, because she’s hot.

  52. Hal Shipman Says:

    Hmmm. I remember I was actually excited when Firestorm joined the League. Loved the character. I think overall, I’d have to go with Power Girl, as awful as her characterization was in the JLE series (i.e. bitch), it was important to me that she was there and not being forgotten.

  53. Phillip Says:

    There is no question that it would have to be Batman. There is something about an individual who is the best at everything he does and doesn’t rest on his success. He instead continues to learn, continues to grow, continues to push himself. All this and he is actually the sanest crazy person in the DC Universe.

  54. Pablo Martínez-Almeida Says:

    Who? Batman.

    Why? No ‘doping’ apart from brains and (let’s be honest) a lot of money at his disposal. The most human of all. In fact it should be called BatMAN.

  55. Joe Says:

    Zatanna – I think she’d be a fun, entertaining personality off duty and strengthen bonds between people. Plus, with her magic ehs si eni pu no namrepuS.
    odnu eht diputs dnim epiw tnedicni!

  56. Flash Fact Says:

    Barry Allen is far and above my favorite Leaguer. First off, love the powers, the costume, the secret ID (How many forensic scientist heroes are there in comics?) but there is something else that really draws me to Barry. Especially during the Silver-Age. His heroism and optimism and his idealism are all things that interested me the first time I read about him.

    I grew up with Wally as the Flash, so I had only known the Flash as a cocky smart-mouth character, who, at time, got old. Fast. Barry on the other hand seemed to be one of us; a comic book geek who just wanted to do the right thing. While Superman is a God, Barry is an average guy, doing his best to help people both as the Flash and as a cop.

    I know it was long-winded, but that in a nutshell is why Barry is my favorite JLA’er. Flash Fact.

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