Why Do Archie Digests Still Not Have Full Credits?

At the beginning of this year, there was some confusion over the question of artist credits in Archie comics, due to a glitch with labels at an art exhibit at MoCCA. In responding to the discussion, Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater said the following:

Archie Digest #266

Going forward, I give you my word as CEO of Archie Comics that every writer, every artist, and every penciller, every inker — whatever the credit may be — in every digest will be credited.

So I checked out the latest digest I had, Archie Digest #266, which came out August 4. I figured seven months should be long enough to make such a promised change, even given print schedules and so on.

This digest contains 13 stories, of which five feature credits, at least writer, penciler, and inker. The newest stories also include letterer, colorist, and editors. Eight stories, or over 60% of the content, have no credits at all, including the cover-promoted Mad House tales.

The non-labeled stories, judging from the art styles, are the older reprint pieces. Perhaps Archie’s lost the credits for those? Still, with such recognizable art styles for many of them, I would guess some attribution could be made. So I’m going to email Archie and ask when they plan to completely fulfill Mr. Goldwater’s promise, and I’ll let you know what I find.

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