Justice League T-Shirt Winners!

My apologies for the delay in announcing this — the winners for my Justice League t-shirt contest have been selected by random draw and notified by email. They were Kitten (comment 17), Kamandi68 (#19), Wally East (#30), Touch of Grey (#32), and Max Barnard (#38).

If the Justice League were made up of their favorite choices, the team would consist of Wonder Woman, Elongated Man, the Flash Wally West, Red Arrow, and Connor Hawke. A bit too heavy on the archers, but I’d read that. And having two members with the same powers provides some interesting competition and/or mentorship opportunities.

My thanks again to MyTeeSpot.com for providing the prizes for this giveaway. Be sure to visit them for all your Superhero T-Shirt needs.

2 Responses to “Justice League T-Shirt Winners!”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    I would totally read that League, just for the “Faster than a Speeding Arrow” jokes, and the inevitable cover where Roy and Connor fight over the best angle to fire Diana at Flash-speed using Ralph as a giant bow to save the world from ALIEN INVADERS!

    I just hope they could wait past the second issue.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oooh, I like your imagination! I’d read that issue after it fell through the time warp from the 50s when it was published. :)




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