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Del Rey Manga

It’s reassuring to see Del Rey list eight new manga volumes this month, given recent concern about their plans for the format. And they’re mostly single books, too, with only one of the omnibus combined editions they’ve been putting out recently. (That one finishes off the Rave Master series (SEP10 0981, $24.99) on December 1, rescheduled from June 2011.)

I Am Here Volume 1 cover

I’m also noticing writeups that are a lot more friendly to this particular purchasing audience, who might not be as familiar with manga as some. Ghost Hunt Volume 11 (SEP10 0976, $11.99), for example, is compared to Buffy [the Vampire Slayer] and The Ring, and there’s lots of “for fans of [another well-known manga series]” or “by the author of [other title]” mentions. Those connections are a help to buyers with limited knowledge.

Top of my list from Del Rey is their Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei Book 8 (SEP10 0982, $10.99), described as both “Heathers goes to Japan” and “for readers of Genshiken and Mushishi“. (I see the former, not so much the latter, connection, but I admire how creative their ad writer is being.) I enjoy the series for its black humor, distinctive look, and episodic nature.

I’m also intrigued by the Del Rey debut of I Am Here! Volume 1 (SEP10 0977, $16.99 — that higher price is because it’s almost 500 pages). It’s about a romance between a shy blogger and the most popular boy in class. That’s something many readers can either relate to or dream about.


Sometimes I miss Tokyopop’s expansive catalog spreads they used to run during the flush times. With 17 books listed on only two pages here, it can be difficult to read the little text, especially since it’s white on black. The only thing I want to mention is the final volume of Sgt. Frog, Book 20 (SEP10 1131, $10.99). Wow, it seems like ages ago that I first read this series. (In manga terms, I guess five years is an era.)

Tokyopop is only offering one yaoi title this month, and there’s no mention of the Blu imprint. Since that site hasn’t been updated since April, is there something they aren’t telling us about their yaoi plans?


The backbone of my manga buying these days, with several new installments of series I’m enjoying, all due in December:

20th Century Boys 12 coverLibrary Wars 3 coverButterflies, Flowers 5 coverOoku 5 cover
20th Century Boys 12Library Wars 3Butterflies, Flowers 5Ooku 5
SEP10 1166SEP10 1177SEP10 1183SEP10 1189
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Yen Press

Since I have become a Fumi Yoshinaga fangirl, the manga I’m most excited about ordering this month is Not Love But Delicious Foods (SEP10 1204, $10.99). It’s all about a manga artist who enjoys eating out with friends. I cannot wait to savor this.

16 Responses to “Coming Up: Manga Due November 2010”

  1. Ysabet Says:

    I don’t think 20 is the final volume of Sgt. Frog.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I wondered about that. It’s labeled “20 (of 20)”, but Tokyopop has adjusted those numbers before. (Back in the day, it used to be “of 14″.) I don’t know if Tpop is just saying that they’re done with it, or if they’re waiting for something to happen (sales figures to come in, more books published in the home country, something else) before they solicit more. Does anyone know what the volume count is in Japan?

  3. Reeve Says:

    Went and poked around, and saw that Vol. 21 of Sgt. Frog is coming out there later this month, so looks like it’s still ongoing.

  4. Ysabet Says:

    Johanna–I don’t really know how those “x (of x)” figures work, but they do get changed regularly. I remember Fruits Basket showed as “(of 14)” for a long time, and there was never any chance they were dropping that. All I know for sure is that I only work on Frog a couple times a year. As Reeve indicated, we’re caught up to the Japanese release.

  5. lys Says:

    Maybe the (of #) numbers have to do with how manga are licensed? (I vaguely recall reading a discussion of this before.) I think the publisher has to specifically license each volume, so when a new volume is released in Japan, a new batch of paperwork would have to be done up before they can officially schedule a release for the volume. I think.

  6. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for all the additional info!

  7. Safety Says:

    BLU seems more active on their Twitter account than on the website, but still not super-active.

  8. Oliver Says:

    Hey Del Rey, where’s Nodame Cantabile Volume 17? Where’s Pumpkin Scissors Volume 6? Maid War Chronicle Volume 3? Gakuen Prince Volume 4? Princess Resurrection Volume 8? Yokai Doctor Volume 4? Yozakura Quartet Volume 6? Pastel Volume 15? My Heavenly Hockey Club Volume 9?

    All fans of these series have waited a year or more for these volumes. Is there trouble at Del Rey, or trouble on Kodansha’s end? I recently noticed back volumes (back issues?) of some Del Rey series with their original $10.99 increased to $11.99 AND a new type of printing quality that was alien to Del Rey before. What the heck is going on?

  9. Johanna Says:

    I have no concrete information, but if Del Rey/Random House are pulling back and being more selective about their releases in a time of decreasing sales for print overall, it wouldn’t surprise me. None of those series are hugely popular, based on sales figures and what I hear people talking about. And as you point out, no one’s sure what’s going on with Kodansha, as their US launch has been a lead balloon.

  10. lovelyduckie Says:

    I have all those Viz titles on order as well as Zetsubou Sensei and Rave Master. But Ghost Hunt is like Buffy? Now I’ve only seen the anime but I never really thought of it as like Buffy…on a coincidental note I happen to be re-watching Buffy since Netflix is now streaming it. I’m at about the end of season 2.

    After reading this post I put “Not Love But Delicious Foods” on my list. Manga about food is a new love for me.

  11. Oliver Says:

    So does Del Rey have an obligation to complete these series? Is it likely they’ll just cancel those that are poor sellers? All those I mentioned weren’t necessarily no-sellers. The hits Negima and Tsubasa make up for this, right? Not every one can be a hit. I have a decreasing hope that Del Rey will continue what they started. Perhaps they have just delayed some series for a future date? Or is my head in the clouds with this one?

  12. Johanna Says:

    I’m afraid no one can predict the answers to your questions. Few companies want to continue publishing a series that they’re losing money on, though, regardless of how successful other titles may be. (Although it is possible — I’ve known comic companies to stick with not-as-popular series because they were award winners or otherwise prestigious. That doesn’t really apply to those books, though.)

    Unfortunately, it’s a vicious spiral — if fans become disenchanted and convinced Del Rey doesn’t finish series, then they’re less likely to buy other Del Rey series. But that’s why I highlighted that many series were getting new, single volumes offered this month, to counteract that perspective.

  13. Ahavah Says:

    Johanna, which Del Rey series are getting new, single volume releases? I’ve been waiting for the latest volumes of Alive: The Final Evoluton, Psychobusters, and My Heavenly Hockey Club for quite awhile now. Everytime Del Rey releases a brand new title without any word on whether they plan to put out the later volumes of older titles, I can’t help but feel dissapointed with them. Why release something new and unproven when you can’t even keep up your commitment to your older license choices?

    I feel as if Del Rey is making Tokyopop-esque choices, and that’s definately not a good thing.

  14. Johanna Says:

    Those titles weren’t included in this go-round, unfortunately. And there’s an easy answer to your last question, although it’s not one you want to hear: New volumes attract more attention and potential new readers. Long-running series don’t. At some point, sales may drop below a point where a publisher can continue. That’s not “Tokyopop-esque”, but smart business.

  15. Oliver Says:

    I believe Psycho Busters vols. 6-7 omnibus is coming soon. If you want the complete volumes of a failing series, I guess you have to read it at the source. Learning Japanese is sound for not only this, but it opens up more opportunities as well.

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