In Maps & Legends Wants to Sell Digital Copies Everywhere

In Maps & Legends has had a checkered history. It originally won the Zuda competition in November 2009, and it was picked up for serialization beginning in May of this year. Then, on July 1, Zuda shut down.

The creators, artist Niki Smith and writer Michael Jasper, describe the story as science fiction/contemporary fantasy, about an artist who finds herself creating a bizarre map of a world that turns out to be real. They’re promoting it for fans of The Sandman or Lost.

In an attempt to find new life for the project, following in the steps of Valentine, the digital comic is now available for purchase in just about every format possible. They’re available through both Comixology and for the iPad and iPhone, or for reading online in your desktop browser. Robot Comics is publishing them for Android phones starting this week. They have a black-and-white version for the Kindle, due to the device’s limitations. You can buy and download a PDF with DriveThruComics,, or Scribd.

Having so many choices is great — if you buy digital comics through any major outlet, you can probably find a version at a site where you already have an account — but perhaps a tad overwhelming. At all these places, it’s 99 cents an issue, I don’t know for how many pages.

As a potential customer, I’d like to know more about what kind of release schedule they’re aiming for as well as how long they envision the series running. Am I signing on for eight issues and out, for example, or are they trying to go ongoing, which can be frustrating if nothing resolves as a result. (See for comparison House of Mystery.) The writer told me that they’re aiming for a new issue every six weeks, but that information should be on the site. It would also be nice if, given their comprehensive website, some preview of the comic was available there. If you check out all the pages, you can find this preview for the web version of Comixology, but it should be more prominent.

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