DK’s Lost Encyclopedia to Include More Clarification for Questions
September 10, 2010

by KC Carlson

I’m eagerly awaiting DK Publishing’s upcoming Lost Encyclopedia, scheduled to be released in mid-October. Clocking in at over 400 pages and at least 1,500 images, the book promises to be a complete guide to everything Lost (or at least the “official” canon), featuring details on the characters, objects, locations, backstory, plotlines, relationships, and mythology from every episode of the six seasons of Lost.

Lost Encyclopedia cover
Lost Encyclopedia
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The entire project is being produced in conjunction with the Lost creative team and ABC Studios and is being written by trusted insiders Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, both of whom have been involved with the Official Lost Magazine. (Terry was its editor and Bennett a key writer.) The book is completely authorized, with all material being run through Lost writer and script coordinator Gregg Nations, who was instrumental in creating the show’s bible and timeline of events, as well as being the “go-to” guy for all Lost details.

According to information on Lostpedia — an invaluable, award-winning, fan-produced online resource about virtually every aspect of the show — the Lost Encyclopedia will “feature the intentions of [executive producers/writers] Damon [Lindelof] and Carlton [Cuse] and the ‘story they wanted to tell.’ No new storyline information will be given, but clarification will be provided in previous gray areas that the producers always knew the appropriate answers for, but that fans may have not picked up on or assumed as fact. Tara (Bennett) thinks many fans may be surprised by some of the clarifications enough to where they would deem it new information.”

Also, the Encyclopedia “will feature many never-before-seen photographs, maps, and other items and locations used during the filming process.” An interview with the authors is available on Lostpedia.

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Budget for Good Books: Comics Out October 27 & More Bluewater Bashing » Comics Worth Reading writes:  

[…] purchasing, but I want to comment on. First up, the Lost Encyclopedia (DK Publishing, $45). KC was really interested in this … about two months ago, when the TV box sets were out and he was paying a lot more […]

Rosie writes:  

I saw it at a local bookstore. They got some of the information on Kate Austen wrong.


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