Ed Explains Moe, Honors Satoshi Kon in the Manga Out Loud Podcast

In his latest podcast at Manga Out Loud, Ed Sizemore welcomes guest Erica Friedman to discuss moe. As I understand it (based on their explanation), that’s a genre dedicated to simple art that plays into reader attraction to or fetishes for certain cute character types, such as girls wearing glasses or particular hairstyles.

Ed and Erica compare notes on such series as Lucky Star, Yotsuba&!, and Strawberry Marshmallow, among others, as well as discussing what moe means in terms of industry trends and audience assumptions. Is moe a way to mimic the loving emotions of fatherhood, or is it just a more acceptable form of lolicon (sexual attraction to young girls)? It’s an interesting discussion of a difficult subject.

In a very different mood, Ed has also written for Anime News Network an analysis of Paranoia Agent, the TV series by Satoshi Kon, the anime director who recently passed away. This is one of a six-part feature on his works.

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  1. I wouldn’t exactly call moe a genre. There was a time when moe simply referred to things that “turned you on” or appealed to you. But these days anyone can brand anything moe, GAR, emo or gay.

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