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Yet Untitled

I have fond memories of the three-volume science fiction comic Wandering Star. It was written and drawn by Teri Sue Wood in a detailed style and published in the late 90s. This afternoon, I was cleaning out a box of miscellaneous paper goods (mostly older minicomics that I should have written about ages ago), and I found a postcard from her. I don’t remember what I did in May 2006 (perhaps she came across my review of her graphic novels then?) but apparently, it justified a signed thank you note.

I was curious to find out whether she was still creating, and a quick google took me to her current website. She’s now working under the name Resa Challender and posting a twice-monthly webcomic called Yet Untitled about living in Forks, WA, the setting of the Twilight properties. I found it funny in the same way I enjoyed her previous work, which was nice, and I loved both the Bigfoot character and seeing her talking signature again.

There’s also a mention that she plans to start serializing all of Wandering Star online beginning in December with “various corrections, as well as odd tidbits”. In the meantime, the first four issues can be downloaded and read.

5 Responses to “The Former Teri Sue Wood’s Webcomics”

  1. politescott Says:

    While I enjoyed Wandering Star, I really enjoyed the three-issue Darklight comic she did for Sirius back in 2000. I wish there had been enough fan support to continue it — maybe online…?

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, yeah, that was another good one! We only got that preview, though. And with a project like that, you never know if anything’s tied up with the previous publisher, so probably easier to start fresh with new characters. Unfortunately.

  3. Tommy Raiko Says:

    I think Wandering Star was the series that had what would probably now be called a “viral promotion.” If I recall correctly, she encouraged fans to place testimonial ads in the announcements section of Comic Buyer’s Guide’s classifieds, and many did. In that time when I was just beginning to be aware of the independent comics scene, I’m sure I first learned of Wandering Star from those ads. Got to remember to check out her new online work!

  4. Ray Cornwall Says:

    That promo was so viral, I think there are more copies of those issues signed by Teri than unsigned.

    Wandering Star desperately needs an omnibus rerelease. That book was awesome.

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