This Is Just Wrong: Sexy Sesame Street Costumes

Elmo girl costume

A nostalgia website is advertising, since Halloween is coming up, this Sexy Elmo Sesame Street Costume.

I’m trying to think of a set of words that go less well together, and I’m not coming up with any.

I’m mostly posting this to scare KC, since he and I hate Elmo. (“Elmo loves you” sounds vaguely like a threat to me.) But let’s look at the costume a bit more. First off, since when did “sexy” become code for “girl version of costume”? Take anything, chop it off into a miniskirt, and voila! It’s trampy Halloween time!

Then there’s the hat, which is actually a mask being mis-advertised. It’s a good thing the googly eyes are included, because otherwise, someone may think you just got a good deal on some odd-colored cheap fake fur in colors that don’t match.

If you thought the red and orange was bad, you should check out the clashing tights on the Sexy Big Bird, which looks like a repurposed flapper dress. Yes, there’s more than one of these monstrosities — don’t forget the electric blue Sexy Cookie Monster. Please, no eating jokes. That model with her mouth wide open is bad enough.

Each of the three of these is billed as “a sassy & sexy alternative to the traditional costume”. Well, yes, something that shows your arms would be more revealing than a full-body Muppet suit. I can’t believe the Sesame Street owners actually licensed this stuff.

17 Responses to “This Is Just Wrong: Sexy Sesame Street Costumes”

  1. Geoff J Says:

    This will be big with the Furries


  2. Geoff J Says:

    BTW, do folks wear these ‘sexy hallowe’en outfits’ out and about on your side of the pond?

    I ask as I’ve always assumed they’re for people to lazy to get a real costume for their bedroom roleplays

  3. Johanna Says:

    I always imagined they’d be useful for parties, but I don’t have friends who throw those kinds of bashes. My friends spent months making their costumes and then had to explain them. :)

  4. caleb Says:

    But have you ever watched Elmo? Sure, his voice is unsettling, but once you start watching the show it’s…well, I like Mr. Noodle’s Brother Mr. Noodle a whole lot, for example.

    That costume is super-creepy though, as it looks like a dress made out of skinned Elmo monsters. I’m kind of afraid to click on the other links provided…

  5. James Schee Says:

    Wow that is scary. Living, and working near a college I’ve seen that there are a lot of use of the sexy costumes, not just for Halloween parties.

    Still a sexy Elmo is scary… now that “tickle me” saying has taken on a WHOLE new meaning… Eww….

  6. AS Says:

    You should have some kind of “induces nausea and misanthropia” spoilers here…sexy cookie monster leads to a multitude of jokes, all of them tasteless, but otherwise it’s probably teh most tolerable of the three…and that big bird costume with its colour combination will probably haunt me for days.

    Do those shoes come with the costume too?

  7. Johanna Says:

    No, no shoes, just dress, stockings, and mask. Although the shoes fascinated me — where do you find chunky stripper heels like that in those colors?

  8. thekamisama Says:

    I also saw some “sexy” Ninja Turtle costumes in a Halloween catalog this year. Who finds Ninja Turtles sexy in the first place?

  9. James Schee Says:

    Johanna, you order them separately of course. It turns out I got a Halloween costume catalog from this company, as I’d gotten a Wizard of Oz Emerald Guard costume for a themed office Halloween party years ago.

    I was just looking through it and it has those costumes, Turtles and many other weird things. All costumes include the option to order shoes and other accessories as well. (oddly they tend to cost more than costumes)

  10. William George Says:

    Geisha turtles

  11. Johanna Says:

    TheK: Other turtles?

    I stole that joke from KC.

    James, it doesn’t surprise me that the shoes cost more — they’re probably designed out of materials that allow you to wear them more than once, unlike the dresses.

  12. DeBT Says:

    The Elmo costume head reminds me of a picture Christopher Butcher took in Japan:

  13. Julia Says:

    Oy. Yeah, I’m all in favor of a little stretching-the-preschool-set parameters when it’s amusing. (Example: This Bert and Ernie vs. Run DMC shirt which is SO COOL!: But these. Just creepy. CREEPY.

  14. lporiginal Says:

    I dunno what everyone is so uptight about. If a good looking lady approached me at a costume party and she’s also dressed up as a loveable character from my childhood then that is just a bonus plain and simple. I have looked at all three picks and any dude who denies they would hit that sideways is lying or gay or just straight up the type of guy who wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with a chick like that in the first place so they have to act like they have some kind of superior taste and moral high ground when really they just another angry internet nerd looking for something new to denigrate for they day so they can go to bed feeling slightly less frustrated about the fact that they never seen a vagina in real life.

  15. Johanna Says:

    You seem to have missed the point that some of the commenters here actually possess that particular organ. Other than that, I agree, the site’s costume models are attractive. I suspect that’s part of the job requirements.

  16. Thom Says:

    Johanna, I cannot believe that a company would intentionally hire attractive models to present their products. It is probably just coincidence. ;)

  17. James Schee Says:

    I have no problem with the model, she could wear anything (or nothing:) ) and look attractive. I just feel its a bit weird for a kid’s character to be sexized.

    Yet hey, I also just realized a scary thing about superheroes and plushies. Is there really much difference about two adults dressing up as animals and getting it on. And …oh say Batman and Catwoman?




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