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Grease Monkey, the enjoyable sci-fi romp by Tim Eldred about a young boy mentored by a gorilla-man to become a space mechanic, never got the attention I thought it deserved when it came out two years ago.

So, in my own small attempt to remedy that, I’m giving away a copy of the paperback edition. For your chance to win over 300 pages of science fiction adventure, simply post a comment here saying what your spaceship job would be. If you were going to live in space in the future, when outposts were set up, how would you contribute? Winner will be picked randomly from all entries, but feel free to be creative with your answers.

The contest winner will be selected at 3 PM East Coast time on Wednesday, September 22. (U.S. and Canada entries only, please. Winners will be emailed for their physical mailing address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)

30 Responses to “Win a Copy of Grease Monkey!”

  1. SKleefeld Says:

    I recall hearing about Grease Monkey when it first came out and thinking it sounded cool, but it somehow fell off my radar.

    OK, since my real day job is in marketing, my “spaceship job” would most likely be Public Relations. A la Jayne Cobb. ;)

  2. Malveaux Says:

    I would be an auxiliary technician, a.k.a., the guy who checks and replaces the zillion light bulbs throughout the ship. One of the essential behind-the-scene guys that make everyone’s job possible. Despite all of the technology on sci-fi shows, I have yet to see a crew member carry something that dealt with changing light bulbs. They always just assume that the lights always work. That just proves how good us auxiliary technicians are!!

  3. Chris Howard Says:

    I’m not entering, just adding in a thumbs up. I read this from the library and agree it should get wider attention, it was well done and quite enjoyable.

  4. Micah Says:

    I’d be the guy who washes those massive panoramic space station windows. Every day at 9 I’d spacewalk out to work and the awesome view of earth from orbit would be old hat by 5:30.

  5. SKFK Says:

    Thanks for another great contest, Johanna! I remember buying and loving Tim Eldred’s Broid and Shatterpoint from Eternity comics twenty years ago. I even contacted him personally to buy the unpublished third part of the storyline in photocopied format.

    I work in accounting and finances, so my spaceship job is probably going to be the role of the bean counter. I would be the guy who issues purchase orders for the zillion light bulbs that Malveaux will be replacing.

  6. James Schee Says:

    Librarian. Its what I’m going back to doing in real life starting on Monday, and I think even in the far flung future in outer space even with electronic devices. Will still be a job that can be useful and interesting.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Ooh, I love the way everyone is coming up with such imaginative, funny stuff! Thanks for entering, and for populating our future with plenty of lightbulbs!

    Micah, you’ve read Saturn Apartments, yes?

  8. kjchen Says:

    My career implant chip says that I’d be a delivery boy.

  9. Micah B Says:

    (This is awkward because someone already took my name… Congrats on having an awesome name other Micah.)

    I would be navigation. You know the guy that sits there staring at the sonar beeper thing and tell where you are and where you’re going. Problem is I get lost all the time so… yeah. Good luck to my crew.

  10. J. Nick Says:

    Love this book and thanks for the awesome contest Johanna.

    I’d like to say I’d be a fighter pilot but, seriously, I know myself too well. I’d be the guy who hands the fighter pilot her helmet and says, “Kill one of those awful space invaders for me, Ace.”

    After reading what I just wrote, I’ve just decided I need to work on my self esteem. I think I’d be one of the communications guys that tells the fighter pilots, “Kill one of those awful space invaders for me, Ace” over the space radio.

    Yeah. That feels better.

  11. Hooper Triplett Says:

    Will there still be pencil-pushers in the future? Or will it be stylus-slingers? Thumb-thumpers?

  12. Dustin Says:

    Data entry, until I messed something up and get kicked out. I’d then be shuffled onto manual labor like space lift driver, until I’d hit something. Get kicked out. I’d eventually land on space chimp keeper. Ya… space monkey poo…

  13. Johanna Says:

    Hooper, you’ve reminded me of reading 50s sci-fi where they talked about “slipstick jockeys”, referring to slide rules long before computers and “hackers”. Every generation has its own slang.

  14. Mr.SilverAge Says:

    Hi Johanna! I saw your contest and couldn’t resist. I’ve read Space Cabby stories, so I know how dangerous it can be out there. So I’d want to stay at the base. I’d sign up to grind the edges of the fins to keep them razor sharp so the ship can zip through the, um, vacuum of space. Yeah, that’s it.

  15. DeBT Says:

    Like Chris Howard, I’m not entering the contest, but acknowledging your enthusiasm for spreading wider knowledge of this unknown gem. Sometimes its the less advertised works that wind up being worthy of our attention.

    Whoever wins this book is in for a treat. This, and V for Vendetta and Planet Ladder are the only library books I’ve read that I’ve actually gone out to get my own copies.

    Also, in regards to James Schee, one of the love interests in Grease Monkey IS a librarian, and she’s BORED at her job because hardly anybody bothers to borrow anything. Things perk up when she notices one of the patrons intentionally leaving Sci-fi books on the shelves to “liven up the inventory”.

    Since I studied how to be a librarian, so I wouldn’t have to face the embarassment of asking for help, I could apply for the librarian position in Space, save for one niggling detail – I hate working in front of people. I’d probably do better behind the scenes, inputing the latest entries in the database, putting on barcodes, magnetic strips, and weeding old magazines & newspapers.

  16. Eric Says:

    Free book? I’m in!

    I would be the guy who invents a new form of atmosphere that would fill the emptiness of space, so that there could finally be sound in outer space. Far too many space station explosions go unheard!

  17. Micah Says:

    @Johanna, No I’ve not. But Now I think I will.
    @Micah B, There’s only a few of us, we gotta rock together.

  18. hardtravelinghero Says:

    I’d be the space pervert. My job would be to “explore” alien life forms as Captain Kirk might. Remember, when it’s Arcturian, it doesn’t matter if it’s female.

    How is this contributing to space society? Public relations?

  19. Argo Plummer Says:

    I’d be the historian / sociologist–you know the role that was always played by a hot chick on the original Star Trek. She would inevitably either fall for Captain Kirk or be held captive by the otherworldly bad guy. Doesn’t do much for my male ego, but I do think it would be very cool job to have–the historian /sociologist–not the pining over the captain / hostage role.

  20. Drew Thomas Says:

    I would be the librarian! Even in the future people will want to read and need to read. I would have a complete set of ‘How To… For a Spaceship’ and would stock the filthiest and pulpiest fiction from Earth.

    Also, Grease Monkey is great! Whoever wins will be very, very happy.

  21. ShadZ Says:

    I want to be the guy who come down with Space Madness! “They think I’m crazy. But I know better. It is not I who am crazy. It is I who am MAD!!”

  22. Marty Yohn Says:

    Cooped up on a space station can get boring without entertainment. I’d be the guy who keeps all the video game/Guitar Hero holosuites up and running – our future slackers need SOMETHING to do.

  23. Rob Says:

    I always figured I’d be some kind of engineering or scientific support. Of course, “Engineering” in science fiction means “keeps the engines running” and not “builds roads and brideges”, so I’m not sure how much help I’d be there.

    So: scientific support. You know those guys on the away teams with the laser drills? When they come back with some kind of interesting sample, I’d be the guy staying up until 4 in the morning going over sensor logs so they can go back the next day and drill up *more* of them.

    Or if that doesn’t work, I could get Space Madness and hang out with ShadZ.

  24. Caporushes Says:

    Paintin’ the space murals on the inside of the ship, probably.

  25. Brandon Says:

    Based on the science fiction I’ve read/watched recently… I’d be the guy who’s infected first. I’d be the person secluded somewhere on the ship doing a nonspecific action placed only on the ship for the sole purpose of being infected.

    Don’t deny it. All space missions end with a foreign virus infecting one of the members and compromising the entire mission.

  26. dana L. Says:

    I will be mutation specialist – demographics and analysis.

  27. Micah B Says:

    @Micah: Dang straight! I’ve only met a few and never really come to actually know one!

  28. Kat Kan Says:

    I AM a librarian and have been for a LOOOOONG time! I also own the hardcover of Grease Monkey and reviewed it when it was first published! Yes, I love this book. Oh, and I’d be promoting reading by starting up book clubs (which I do at my school). No sitting in the library waiting for people to come in for me!

  29. Grease Monkey Contest Winner » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] winner of the contest to win a copy of Grease Monkey is Eric! His role in our future society will be to invent a way for sound to travel in space so we can hear […]

  30. Ann Says:

    Librarian and blacksmith.




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