Great Deal on Scott Pilgrim at Amazon

Perhaps clearing out in preparation for the Scott Pilgrim Box Set due in November, right now, has all six Scott Pilgrim books available from $4.49 – $4.99 each. That’s 58-63% off the cover price of these generation-defining graphic novels.

I don’t know how long this discount will last, so if you’re missing a book or two, or you haven’t yet discovered the glory of the series, pop over and grab a few. I am betting you will never again be able to get the whole series new for under $29.

4 Responses to “Great Deal on Scott Pilgrim at Amazon”

  1. Malveaux Says:

    Got mine and you will hear about it if they are less than generation defining. Eh, lucky for you I am not too tough to please. Heck, I even have some early Ambush Bug comics.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Ha! I hope my exaggerated praise doesn’t give you the wrong expectations and that you enjoy them.

  3. Malveaux Says:

    Sigh! And the price continues to plummet even lower at Amazon. So if they were just a little too pricey before then they will probably be just about right now.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Wow, that is a deal. Only one of them is even over $4 now.




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