Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book #3

If you’re a comic fan with a sense of humor, you should be reading this odd Simpsons miniseries. It’s not really about the Comic Book Guy, you see — it’s really about being a geek and loving comics and all kinds of other nerdy hobbies.

Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book #3

Since the Comic Book Guy passed on, Marge has taken over the comic store. (This happened in issue #2, with Lisa pushing for her after a stupid kid said a lady couldn’t run The Android’s Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop.) Unfortunately, she cleaned up the place, eliminating the violent comics (all of them) and driving Bart to find a new hobby. Elsewhere, with CBG gone, the internet is now a pleasant, interesting place, without snark or sarcasm. Now that it’s useful to exchange ideas and viewpoints, the government shut it down. But that was all issue #2.

As issue #3 opens, as the first page conveniently tells us, “Bored with nothing to do, nerds and geeks have turned on each other in a dweeb civil war.” Homer and the police are trying to stop them from rampaging through Springfield.

What makes this so entertaining is how faithful it is. The characters look like themselves, although clearly from a comic book influence. They sound like themselves, too, with the right kinds of dialogue. But what entertained me most was the references. Marge dreams herself into a Little Lulu-style story, drawn in an astonishing mashup of that comic book’s look and Simpsons style. Then Lisa dreams herself into, what else, “Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend”, with a guest appearance by Ralph.

This is a comic that takes advantage of being a comic while still being very funny. Kudos to Ian Boothby, John Delaney, and Dan Davis. With two issues left to go in the miniseries, I’m very curious as to where else they voyage during this ride. Especially with Lisa starting a mystery investigation. She’s my favorite.

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