Bakuman Manga Out Loud Podcast: Ed and I Discuss the Manga

In the latest Manga Out Loud podcast, Ed and I discuss Bakuman. I liked the book more than I thought I would, and we talk about why. I liked the snarky bits about the manga industry, and I found the self-obsession and ridiculous attitudes of the teen characters quite funny. Ed had some interesting information about the creators, and we speculate on their motivations as well as tackling the sexism complaints in light of the culture.

We also discuss the expectations for aspiring artists in light of the characters’ dreams to become manga creators, comparing it to some other manga about kids making comics and discussing how the Japanese manga industry differs from the U.S.

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  1. [...] continues to astound, and the information about how the Japanese manga publishing industry works is interesting to me. It’s escapism, in a way, looking at the details of how to game the new talent contest and [...]

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