New York Comic Con This Weekend — Multimedia Takes Over “San Diego East”

The New York Comic Con is this weekend, and unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to attend.

However, I’m still hearing lots about what’s coming up at the show — and little of it has anything to do with comics, especially manga, which was my primary reason for wanting to go. If you register as press, they give your email address to (I’m guessing) any of the vendors who request it. Since my plans changed relatively late, I’m still getting lots of press releases and invitations to talk to various company presidents and representatives about their cool new video game/DVD promotion/iPad comic application. Surprisingly, this has included relatively few actual print comics. It appears New York has become San Diego East, where other media are seeking to sell things other than books to the comic geeks. You can see this focus from their website. This is what was appearing just now:

New York Comic Con website promotion

The Spider-Man is a nice touch, if a bit two years ago — the hot movie now is Thor — and Seth is cute, but the rest shows the movie/media/digital focus that a big show wants to attract free-spending vendors.

This was my absolute favorite announcement I’ve received to date:

Innovative smartphone app to be unveiled at New York Comic Con, launching a transmedia entertainment property with webseries, graphic novel, fashion line, digital music and more. … Very few entertainment properties have cast as wide a net… Audiences will experience the story through live action webisodes, a first-ever “mixed reality” comic that comes to life with a smartphone application, a graphic novel, motion comic, original music and a new fashion line. … Through the magic of augmented reality technology, the comic book will initiate a multi-layered, interactive fan experience. Scanning the book with any smartphone will generate virtual images on fans’ mobile displays, as well as play music and dialogue. These clues will unlock riddles that provide even deeper layers of the story. They can also be used to acquire rewards on the social network, including unique avatars, the sound track, and wallpapers for mobile devices and desktop computers. Beyond New York Comic Con, fans can continue following the story and its characters through an extended alternate reality game on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and other social media channels. This is intended not only to draw fans into the story, but also to allow producers to better understand which characters and story lines resonate with the audience.

That’s tiring just to read, let alone trying to figure out what it wants to be (other than a vacuum sucking time and attention). I think someone was trying to win a contest for “most buzzwords used in one press release”.

I’m curious to read coverage of the show and see just how the print/other divide works out in practice. Especially given that this is the first year they’ve combined the Comic Con part with the Anime Festival. I know a number of manga bloggers are going, but I’m not sure just how much that’s a part of the programming any more. I’ll be avidly following along for announcements and updates — from the comfort of my home, with no crowds and reasonably priced healthy food. Those of you who are able to attend, have a great time!

2 Responses to “New York Comic Con This Weekend — Multimedia Takes Over “San Diego East””

  1. Heidi M. Says:

    If you look at the programming, there is actually a LOT of anime/manga/cosplay lifestyle stuff.

    It is incredible how many companies want to promote to the media attending these comic-cons.

  2. Ed Sizemore Says:


    It’s true there is a lot of lifestyle events on the manga/anime side. However, the manga publisher’s presence is a little thin. There are no industy panels by Viz, Tokypop, or Kodansha. Thankfully, we still have Vertical & Yen Press.




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