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Be Careful Who You Do Business With

The .ly domain is a cute little tag for certain sites, perhaps the best-known are URL abbreviators and, which shorten and redirect URLs. Unfortunately, it’s owned by Libya, since it’s their country code. One user found that out the hard way yesterday, as the country deleted his domain because “the content of our website, in their opinion, fell outside of Libyan Islamic/Sharia Law.”

The best-known comic-related user would be, a digital comic distributor and owner of iFanboy. In this comment at Bleeding Cool, Micah, head of, makes light of it while revealing a backup plan:

We long ago secured (in fact, my email is We had always internally debated which way to go, and given the amount of people that pronounce our company name “graphic dot elle why”, we had thought about changing it to the dot com. Especially when our web app launches. Perhaps we should move more quickly…

Good thing we didnt go with my original idea which was

Sometimes Digital Costs More Than Print?!?

The NY Times has a story about how two best-selling hardcovers cost more for digital editions than hardcovers. That’s because, after the showdown earlier this year, publishers now set digital prices, while Amazon chooses how much it wants to discount print books.

After prices began to rise this year, routinely landing at $12.99 to $14.99, Amazon alerted readers by adding a line in italics below the Kindle price: “This price was set by the publisher.” Publishers argue that Amazon charges too little for hardcovers and is intent on monopolizing the book market.

Customers generally don’t understand the distinctions but do object to pricing that doesn’t make any sense to them.

eBooks Suck: A Rant

No, it’s not mine. Novelist Chuck Wendig doesn’t like eBooks and online comics for the usual reasons:
* lack of general, portable format
* proprietary readers
* lack of portability
* and especially, high cost

At $1.99, I will buy no more comics. If they were $0.99, I’d buy a sh*tload of them. I can probably save money by waiting till the comics I want are collected in trade paperback or graphic novel format anyway — it’s often cheaper than if I were to buy the digital versions. … If I’m taking a worse format — worse in the sense that is is less versatile and, importantly, offers me less control over how I use it — then I think the prices remain too high.

3 Responses to “Digital Horror Stories LinkBlogging”

  1. Chuck Says:

    For the record, I don’t think e-books or digital comics suck at all. Actually, I like the experience (and love it in terms of comics).

    I just have criticisms, as noted.

    — c.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Forgive me for mischaracterizing your take on it. I appreciate your clarification, that you object to the way they’re being produced and sold, not them as a product.

  3. Jennfer Hachigian Says:

    For what it’s worth, DriveThruComics sells common PDF files. These files are not machine-locked. They can be read on any machine that can display a PDF file. They can also be read, copied and backed up on an unlimited number of machines/drives.

    In addition, individual publishers on DriveThru can choose whether to watermark, disable copy/paste, and disable printing on the PDF files that they sell. The only restriction I’ve placed on the digital versions of my LORE comics is a tiny watermark in the corner of the PDF. Readers are free to copy/paste and print from my PDF files.

    That said, I’m looking into self-publishing on the Amazon Kindle and ePub formats in order to reach a wider audience.




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