DVD Release Dates Get Shorter: Going the Distance Out Oct 26?
October 7, 2010

I thought DVD release dates were usually at least 90 days after the theatrical release, so I was surprised to see that Going the Distance, which opened in theaters on September 3, will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on October 26, or just over seven weeks later. I guess maintaining the release window doesn’t apply to flops.

Update: (11/22/10) Based on those Amazon links above, the new release date is November 30, which is a lot closer to 90 days. I guess there was a mistake in the early communications.

3 Responses  
Thom writes:  

Apparently the record is a Vince Vaughn movie, National Lampoon’s Blackball. It went theatrical and was released on DVD four days later. :)

Johanna writes:  

They still use National Lampoon’s name on movies? Wow, that’s a real brand change since Animal House and Vacation.

Thom writes:  

Yeah… the name doesn’t mean a whole lot…and a lot of the movies under the brand the last several years were not made for them directly. They just slapped the name above the titles.


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