Warner’s Valentine Picks Coming on Blu-Ray
October 7, 2010

For Valentine’s Day — street date February 1 — Warner has announced three movies new to Blu-ray. It’s a rather odd selection.

Valentine DVDs

You’ve Got Mail makes perfect sense, especially since it will come with a bonus DVD of The Shop Around the Corner, which is apparently out of print on DVD. That 1940 film starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan was the basis for the story, updated from pen pals to online friends, and since it was directed by Ernst Lubitsch, it’s a must-see. That bonus is enough for me to put the You’ve Got Mail Blu-ray on the want list. (Especially since enough time has passed that the AOL tie-ins now seem quaint instead of cheesy.)

Pleasantville is a favorite of mine, although thinking of it as a romance seems to ignore its much deeper messages and mixed ending. But 10? I don’t consider that a love story so much as an attempt to make men’s middle-aged crises less creepy.

All are advertised as including “fresh new key art and extras included on each film”, but the phrasing is such that I’m not sure any extras will be new. Still, seeing Pleasantville’s beautiful cinematography in Blu-ray is tempting.

3 Responses  
Sarah writes:  

Huh. I’d almost buy “You’ve Got Mail” and toss it for a copy of “Shop Around the Corner.”

Grant writes:  

10? Seems a no brainer like Somewhere In Time would have been a better choice. Or is that already out in blueray? Love that movie.

This Week on TCM: Lubitsch! » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] of his movies (given its status as a “Christmas movie” and the 1998 remake as You’ve Got Mail), Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan feud at work as sales clerks while falling in love as pen […]


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