The Kidney Thing

The Kidney Thing

Jana Christy wrote and drew an illustrated blog/webcomic about her experience donating a kidney to her brother. It’s called The Kidney Thing. (If her work looks familiar and you were reading independent comics in the 90s, you may remember her comic Very Vicky. Now, she mainly illustrates children’s books.) The comic was created as the process was ongoing, but now it’s all successfully over, so you can read the whole thing.

The author’s husband let me know about it by saying this:

It was a grueling and emotional process, and Jana used the webcomic as a way to let friends and family know what was going on, but also ended up connecting with other kidney donors and recipients because of it. She’s put them in all in order and ready to read at, which has been published in conjunction with Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY, where the operation was performed, with an introduction from Dr. Martin Zand, the hospital’s transplant nephrologist. The hope is that beyond entertainment, The Kidney Thing will inspire other people to come forth as donors when friends and family members find themselves in the dire position of requiring the procedure.

That’s a wonderful suggestion. I found it both educational and inspiring.

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