Richie Rich Returns as Indiana Jones Jr., Plus Strawberry Shortcake Comics

Ape Entertainment announced at the New York Comic Con that they will be revamping classic kids’ comic character Richie Rich into “a globetrotting adventurer who uses his limitless wealth for good.” That’s to attract “a modern-day audience” — I guess seeing silly pictures of solid-gold appliances and gems used as regular decoration just isn’t entertaining enough any more.

Richie Rich and Dollar the Dog

Says Ape Entertainment founder and co-publisher Brent E. Erwin, “What we’re hoping to do with the property now is update it with a contemporary spin and bring even more action and intrigue to the original stories we all grew up on.” Part James Bond, Jr., and part Indiana Jones with Donald Trump’s bank account, Richie Rich is an altruistic adventurer who travels the world helping the less fortunate.

I guess everyone gets different things out of their childhood reading, but fantasizing about being so rich that you could treat money as paper was enough for me. I wasn’t particularly looking for intrigue, although I did enjoy the stories that reminded us that riches couldn’t buy happiness. What mattered was family and friends and doing things you enjoy together. Comparing Richie Rich to James Bond, for me, is less “you got chocolate in my peanut butter”, more “your coffee spilled on my hot dog”. Two fine things that really don’t go together.

We’re also promised “a butt-kicking Cadbury”, the butler. No word on whether Dollar the dog will appear or still have his money-sign spots. The series will be part of KiZoic, Ape’s all-ages imprint, and it’s due in early 2011.

That’s not the only beloved property they’re bringing back to comics. Also announced was the return of Strawberry Shortcake, whose comic books will feature “exclusive scratch & sniff covers”. No information on creative teams — who’ll actually be writing and drawing these adventures — was included in the announcements. While there are already an amazing number of great comics for kids available, sometimes, parents like already-known brands to reassure them that the books are safe for baby. Picking up brands known world-wide is thus a sensible move for an all-ages line, assuming they can get them distributed beyond the comic market.

5 Responses to “Richie Rich Returns as Indiana Jones Jr., Plus Strawberry Shortcake Comics”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Given the current state of the economy, stories about someone (IMO) one notch below comics’ richest character, Scrooge McDuck, flying around to use his wealth to help others might have appeal, though I doubt kids are following news about foreclosures… :-p

    I’d like to know if Irona, the robot maid, will appear in this series, as she was always a favorite of mine as a kid.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yes, Irona is supposed to appear in an updated form.

  3. Mike Joffe Says:

    I find this updated Richie Rich comic to be in poor taste. We are in this financial trouble today because of the extreme rich oligarchs abusing the working class, and salvation will not come at the hands of some Randian teen hero letting a pittance of his wealth “trickle down” to the “less fortunate” of the world. No, economic salvation will only come from overthrowing such economic tyrants and putting legislation into effect that will curtail such out of control economic oppression. A pox on Richie Rich and his parasitic ilk.

    At least Uncle Scrooge earned his money.

  4. Prankster Says:

    And Batman! Don’t forget Batman! Grrr!

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