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The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Book 12 cover
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service
Book 12
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I don’t much care for horror, because I’m squeamish, but I make an exception for The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, because it’s simply wonderful manga. This motley gang of weirdos, each with an exceptional death-related ability, investigate murders and such in deadpan, black humor form. Volume 12 (Dark Horse, OCT10 0065, $11.99, due February 9, 2011) gets them involved with a private online community, so it sounds right up my alley.

The Story of Lee cover
The Story of Lee
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The Story of Lee (NBM, OCT10 1070, $11.99, December 29) looks like a cute cross-cultural love story, as a Scot in Hong Kong romances a Chinese girl. Writer Sean Michael Wilson is himself a Scot living in Japan, and he’s edited Top Shelf’s AX: Alternative Manga. Meanwhile, the Japanese artist, Chie Kutsuwada, currently lives in the UK. No wonder stories about balancing heritage and boundary-crossing work these days! Such global lives we all live.

I enjoyed reading Talking to Strangers (Sweatdrop Studios, OCT10 1118, $12.99, December 22) which was self-published earlier this year — now it’s easier to acquire through your local comic shop.

Aria Book 6 cover
Aria Book 6
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A new volume of Aria is always something to celebrate. Book 6 (OCT10 1146, $10.99, December 29) is now offered from Tokyopop, although I’m kind of nervous that it gets relegated to the “also available”, no cover picture section. Please, try and buy this wonderful series about appreciating every moment of life.

Twin Spica Book 5 cover
Twin Spica Book 5
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There’s no specific description for Twin Spica Book 5 (Vertical, OCT10 1165, $10.95, January 5, 2011), just the series premise, but it’s intriguing enough that I’m still signed on for the ride. Young Asumi is inspiring and adorable, just right for a young heroine with important dreams of space travel.

Chi Sweet Home Book 4 cover
Chi’s Sweet Home Book 4
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Also from Vertical, the latest volume of Chi’s Sweet Home (OCT10 1163, $13.95, December 22) features the family moving to a new home and all the confusion that a pet experiences at such a time. I bet it’s cutely drawn and cleverly observed.

Sand Chronicles Book 10 (Viz, OCT10 1173, $9.99, January 5, 2011) promises to conclude the touching shojo manga series. I’m sad to see it go, since I found it a heart-warming read, quietly covering the love lives of country teens with unexpected depths. This book and the previous contained side stories, stand-alone pieces exploring in greater detail various cast members, often jumping ahead or back in time.

Sand Chronicles Book 10 cover
Sand Chronicles Book 10
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It’s quite impressive to see just how long-running several of these Viz series are, and that they’ve kept publishing them in English. Yakitate!! Japan is up to book 25 (OCT10 1180, $9.99), while Case Closed offers volume 37 (OCT10 1174, $9.99) and Inuyasha concludes with 56 (OCT10 1177, $9.99)!

There’s even more on the Shonen Jump page, with some sports manga — Eyeshield 21 Book 34 (OCT10 1187, $9.99) and Prince of Tennis Book 40 (OCT10 1189, $9.99). That’s something to be admired and complimented! At a time when publishers are going out of business and titles are being put on indefinite hiatus, it’s awfully nice knowing that a Viz series is more likely to be there on a consistent basis. (If you’re interested in more long-running manga series, check out this discussion thread at The Manga Curmudgeon.)

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