Another Approach to Conventions: Club 2 the MAX

I don’t know anything about this convention beyond its press release, but it’s an interesting approach: Club 2 the MAX is promoting a three-day convention for fans with an “interest in Asian music, Animation, and Comics” with no admission charge.

Club2 logo

On the plus side, it’s a three-day, 24-hour show, July 1-3, 2011, in Anaheim, California. On the minus side, there’s the way-stupid too-kewl name, and the use of Comic Sans on the logo. Also, there will be “nominal fees” for certain activities, so it remains to be seen how much is gated and charged for. Depending on your perspective, this might be a plus or minus:

Club 2 the MAX ONLY supports companies that are legally licensed to carry, sell, and distribute official products, merchandise, etc. Club 2 the MAX has a No Tolerance policy for illegal and bootlegged products.

The show is reaching out to exhibitors, plugging their interested fans attracted by “no badge fees”. The convention will get $80 a table ($100 in 2011) from artists who want to sell their works. However, exhibitors should bear in mind that an audience attracted by and only interested in what they can get for free may not be the best source of income.

They claim 7,000 people went to their one-day 2010 event. So far, programming is listed as including concerts, cosplay, a cosplay masquerade, and an animaid cafe.

Update: (11/15/10) The convention has changed its name to AM², “Animation, Music and Manga to a Higher Power” and can be found at


  1. Johanna,

    Here are some interesting facts. This event is scheduled for the same weekend as Anime Expo. It’s also in the same general region of California. The company sending out the PR used to be the PR firm for Anime Expo. Their contract was terminated last year.

    It looks like someone trying to start up a convention to compete with Anime Expo. I wouldn’t be surprised if this convention isn’t run by many of the Anime Expo staff that resigned in protest last year.

    Now anime fandom has its own convention war drama.

  2. That is very interesting scheduling. Thanks for putting that in context for me.

  3. Sounds interesting…but what a terrible name

  4. Johanna Says:

    “…Also, there will be ‘nominal fees’ for certain activities, so it remains to be seen how much is gated and charged for…”

    2 words: CASH BAR ;)

    Also, the website reminded me of those glossy cards used to promote events at nightclubs and raves, and left at music stores, at “alternative” clothing stores, on newspaper racks in colleges, under the windshield wipers of cars parked at earlier events, etc. :)

  5. MAX started in 2010 and the name was derived from the event is had M being Eri Mano which was booted from Anime Expo do to some problems with AKB 48, A was Animaid Cafe who were let go of Anime Expo and X was X Japan with the Yoshiki foundation event.

    The nominal fees part can’t be as AX’s hidden ticket fees for concerts, and masquerade which to me added up and extra 60 bucks on top of the 65 i paid for my ticket, but MAX staffers told me it will only be for big events and there will be an all day pass available for alot cheaper. While it does run at the same time as AX realize the PR firm responsible for this was also the firm that god all the big names for the last 6-7 yrs of events and still included this year so now Anime expo has no connections to Japan and its previous CEO upset alot of Japan off, so AX’s 20th anniversary will be defiantly interesting

  6. ill say pretty sad people like to be petty before all the info is released since its not any different from AX last year when they charged extra for every special event on top of the normal ticket.

    Club2theMAX will charge only for large special events since its sponsored but its should be a person’s right to speak freely but know all the facts as well.

    Here is a post about Japan’s thought on MAX I honestly doubt anything from backing it will be so bad

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