Budget for Good Books: Comics Out October 20

I have a feeling that, between now and the end of the year, I’m going to be saying this a lot: forget the budget, there are too many good books out. It’s coming up on gift-book time, after all.

The Muppet Show #11

Let’s start with the comics: I never pass up Roger Langridge’s work on The Muppet Show comic, and issue #11 ($2.99) is particularly seasonal. It’s the fourth issue in the “Muppet Mash” storyline, uniquely twisted takes on classic monsters. The gang has already tackled Gonzo as a vampire, an immortal Egyptian and her mummies (Calistoga Cleo and the Fandango Pharaohs, plus Statler and Waldorf get more of the spotlight), and werewolves, as Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem welcome Howlin’ Jack and his secret. Now, in the latest issue, it’s the Frankensteinien Beaker Mark 2, whose creation involves numerous power outages.

During this storyline, Langridge is doing more than just reinventing the classic bits — he’s also introduced a new feature. In the vein of “Veterinarian’s Hospital” and “Pigs in Space” comes “Link Hogthrob, Monster Smasher!” in which Miss Piggy is a Lois Lane-like reporter. Unfortunately, there’s none of that in #11, but there are plenty of puns and a giant robot.

Kingyo Used Books Book 2 cover
Kingyo Used Books Book 2
Buy this book

On the superhero side, KC got me interested in DC Universe: Legacies ($3.99), so I’m curious to see how the nostalgic, fan-oriented series handles the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Plus, Keith Giffen on Legion of Super-Heroes, which should be a blast from the past!

I always enjoy Tiny Titans, so #33 is a must-buy. At $2.99, that means I’ve already spent $10. Yikes! Maybe I should up my budget to $25 a week? That way, I’d have room to buy the second volume of Kingyo Used Books ($12.99). I’m enjoying this wonderful walk through the memories reading comics creates, and I applaud Viz for bringing the series to the U.S., even though many of the manga it recommends aren’t well-known over here.

I’m afraid the three unread previous installments of Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys on my shelf means I’ll have to wait on Volume 11 (Viz, $12.99) until I’m caught up.

Also a victim of budgeting: Chi’s Sweet Home Volume 3 (Vertical, $13.95). Maybe Ed will loan it to me?

Now, I said I was going to talk about books, didn’t I? Thankfully, both of these are already on KC’s desk, ready to be reviewed. We hope to tell you more about them soon.

DC Comics Year by Year coverPeanuts Collection cover
DC Comics Year by YearPeanuts Collection
A Visual ChronicleTreasures From the World’s Most Beloved Comic Strip
DK PublishingLittle, Brown and Company
A walk through the history of DC Comics, chronologicallyReproductions of photos, sketches, cels, comics, and prints

One last oddity — Watson-Guptill’s latest art book is Pop Sculpture: How to Create Action Figure & Statues ($30). It’s aimed at creators who want to make the collectible mini sculptures in the title. Glossy pages and lots of pictures illustrate comprehensive techniques that most, based on the equipment required, won’t get a chance to do at this scale. There just aren’t that many openings for people designing and building action figures. The pictures are fun, though, using lots of recognizable (mostly DC) pieces, and fans will gain new appreciation for the work that went into the plastic statues that are part of their collections. Action figure customizers may find the book useful.

3 Responses to “Budget for Good Books: Comics Out October 20”

  1. Suzene Says:

    I think the only thing out for me is the next installment of DV8, so I might backtrack and pick up one or two things that I let pass by last week. That Scary Godmother HC is calling my name.

  2. Johanna Says:

    An excellent reminder. I’m glad to see people not getting caught up in “must get only what’s new!” and realizing good comics don’t have an expiration date.

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