Secret Identities: Shattered Seeks Contributors

The Asian American superhero anthology Secret Identities previously announced a sequel volume, Shattered, will be coming in 2012. In a departure from the first book, which was about superheroes, this volume is intended to “focus on other comic genres — from hard-boiled pulp to martial arts, adventure and science fiction — to explore stereotypes of Asians in America, both negative and positive.” Superheroes will still be included, though.

Secret Identities: Shattered

This volume, which is supported in part by a grant from the Vilcek Foundation, which is dedicated to celebrating the contributions of immigrants in the arts and sciences, is now open for submissions. Find out more at the book’s website. As described there,

Shattered will take readers to the darker side of the Secret Identities universe, exploring the nefarious, sinister and menacing side of the good guy/bad guy equation in order to upend, reenvision, reimagine — to shatter — the distorted and negative images that have shadowed Asian Americans since the earliest days of our arrival in this country.

This time out, we’re looking for stories that showcase strong and vivid interactions between heroes and villains — even stories with the ‘villain’ as protagonist — as a way to question the power of perception to shape reality.

The plot is already determined:

… a narrative that will serve as the framing story for the book — a single long tale whose multiple episodes will introduce each book’s chapter, while allowing us to continue the stories of some of our favorite characters from Volume One. The framing story will follow the aftereffects of an unfortunate mystical accident perpetrated by the protagonists of Volume One’s “Driving Steel” — Jimson Fo and his young friend (and future American legend) John Henry — which releases a quintet of archfiends into the world, each with the power to reshape reality to conform to its image: The Manipulator, The Temptress, The Brute, The Brain, and The Alien. The immortal Fo then takes it upon himself to pursue the demons across the ages, collaborating with heroes of each time period to defeat and destroy these infernal nemeses.

Writers should submit pitches, not full scripts, while artists should email art samples or link to an online portfolio. No information yet included on how contributors will be compensated, or whether you have to be Asian American to apply.

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