LinkBlogging: New Wonder Twins, Gross Covers, more

Wow, they’re doing Legion of Super-Heroes elections again! There’s a long-standing tradition of letting the readers vote for the team’s next leader — and now, you can pick your choice from this website. Votes are due by November 10. I voted for my favorite, Shrinking Violet, although I was tempted to pick someone difficult for the writer, like Quislet or Tellos, just for the challenge. I was a bit disappointed by the art choices — the current look appears to be standard superhero boob- and muscle-focused. That’s what drives me away from the comic, unfortunately. I’m too old to be willing to put up with that sexualized garbage.

What a wonderful redesign of the Wonder Twins! They’re by Bill Walko, who’s also done Wendy and Marvin. It’s so cool to see people who are willing to reconsider classic characters in age-appropriate fashion but modern as well. As Chris Roberson points out, Bill’s given them a “very contemporary look and feel”. That’s how you keep material fresh for new generations.

In contrast, here’s a savage (well-deserved) takedown of some of DC’s comic book covers for being gross and disgusting.

One side effect of the digital era: it’s a lot harder to pull reverted books. Once they’re out there, getting them removed from companies who don’t have the rights is apparently very difficult. Don’t buy from Dorchester, who are still selling books whose authors have removed their rights from the publisher.

5 Responses to “LinkBlogging: New Wonder Twins, Gross Covers, more”

  1. Grant Says:

    that looks kind of like the version of the Wonder Twins that they did on Smallville.

  2. Jim Kosmicki Says:

    ouch – Dorchester is the company behind Hard Case Crime, I believe. They’ve also announced that they are going to pretty much abandon mmpb – printing mainly to order for their mail clubs and going digital only for the genre stuff.

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