MangaFox Scanlation Site Still Running

This is only news because of the hoo-hah earlier this summer over publishers trying to shut down scanlation sites — which caused the best-known free online manga site, OneManga, to stop posting manga chapters.

Brigid Alverson reports that MangaFox is still posting current chapters of such well-known manga series as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. I’m not sure why this is surprising — these sites are set up on the principle of not respecting copyright or country licensing restrictions. If they said, previously, “oh, we’ll do the right thing, sure, we’ll clean up our act” … well, how believable is that? No one has any other reason to visit that website and those like them. When it comes to a change of heart over intellectual property or losing the business, money is what talks. And as long as the demand continues, there’s plenty of audience for them.


  1. How do you feel about those who read scans, but actually follow through and buy the series once they officially become available? I’m just curious, you may have already posted your thoughts on that in a prior post I missed. On the one hand I want to support manga-kas that give me entertainment, but on the other not every quality series is currently being released officially.

  2. I’m not as anti-scan as some, both from a practical side (trying to convince people to not read stuff they’re interested in for free with no impact to them is futile) and from a business side (free tastes make for good marketing, although scan sites obviously take that idea much too far). If a series isn’t legitimately available in English, I understand why some would want to read fan translations. If companies really want to discourage this behavior, then they should be consistent in their approach — right now, they seem to be acknowledging that fans already exist (and make their sales job easier!) through scanlations when bringing over new series, while still trying to shut it all down.

  3. in my country its hard to get manga. should i travel an hour a day so i can get one or two manga? the money isnt a concern for me, but the availability is and also there are only a few series available and far behind on what is happening in japan. also if manga wouldnt exist on the internet.. why would i travel an hour to get me manga. it would be to inconsistent.

  4. same here, its very difficult to get manga in my country and at the library i have to wait at least a yr for a new book to come out, we are very behind whats already out in japan, and actually iv brought way more manga books after reading them online, because i can find ones i like better, and also usually after i start reading if i decide i really like it if its avalible i end up buying the entire series, i now have an entire bookshelf dedicated to manga. i was quite depressed when onemanga shut down :(

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