I Liked Reading These Webcomics

Comic Critics panel by Sean Whitmore and Brandon Hanvey

From ComicCritics.com, commenting on DC’s price changes, the panel to the right.

It sums up so much of comic retail for me. Store owners are in a really difficult place in the industry. There are other perspectives shown in the strip, too.

I thought it was terrific when Tatsuya Ishida started sending his Sinfest characters into the reality zone, drawing them more realistically, making a guest appearance, and even subtly posing deep philosophical questions. (Does the devil exist?) This week, in contrast, he’s putting his characters in contact with other famous comics. This is why this is my favorite webcomic. So creative, so imaginative, so well-done.

Kate Beaton takes on Dracula with a series hitting on all aspects of the novel from a modern perspective. For obvious reasons, this one is my favorite:

Kate Beaton's Dracula Ladies

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