Network Comes to Blu-ray
October 26, 2010

Angry television satire classic Network will be available on Blu-ray on February 15, 2011. This movie, about ratings-seeking amoral executives who aren’t even swayed by the possibility of being responsible for others’ deaths, is clearly of its time (1976) but still has something to say today. Especially when you start thinking about how politics and “entertainment” have been combined to such an extent that some people will say anything with no responsibility for the hatred they spew.

Network Blu-ray ad

Network is being paired, on the release schedule, with All the President’s Men, another Oscar winner from the same year, but I think it really belongs with A Face in the Crowd, which I am dismayed to learn isn’t even available on standard DVD any more. Let’s hope that it’s coming soon on Blu-ray as well. That would be a really disturbing double bill exploring media manipulation. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

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Richard J. Marcej writes:  

“Network” is one of those films that should be required viewing for EVERY television viewer today. I was 15 when I saw it in the theaters and loved the satire. Who knew just how dead-on to the future of television Chayefsky and Lumet would be, some 30 years later!
Kind of sad actually.

As an aside, while awards are never the true value of entertainment (IMO) I was ticked of that year watching the Oscars to see four GREAT films:
“All The Presidents Men”
“Bound For Glory”
“Taxi Driver”
lose the Best Picture Award to the pedestrian “Rocky”.


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