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One of my favorite grandmaster artists who’s never gotten the full accolades he deserves is José Luis García-López — so it was a real pleasure to read this interview with him about his romance comic work.

The folks at iFanboy discovered that digital comics aren’t owned, even if you paid for them, as Marvel restricts access to a book they messed up on by releasing early. That’s what happens when a company has central control over digital works, as we learned last summer when Amazon did the same thing with some online books. I direct you to my post Why Print Is Better Than Digital for more information.

Tucker Stone points out a really boring comic layout: “There are times when a comic comes along that is bad, but in a way so striking that it becomes an example of some larger failing. For the now we live in, that comic is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 15.”

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  1. Grant Says:

    The last 15-20 years I’ve been an avid collector of Charlton comics. They can still be had relatively cheap and they possess the works of some of the greatest artists ever. I stumbled upon a batch of Charltons about 10 years ago that had a bunch of romance and horror titles. Among the romance stuff were two titles, “Just Married” and “Time For Love”, both of which had some great Garcia-Lopez art. I mean, In one issue of “Ghostly Tales” you might find Garcia-Lopez, Ditko, Aparo, Zeck, Giordano, etc. I still maintain that Ditko’s work on Charltons “Konga” and “Gorgo” is some of his most beautiful art.

    It was great seeing Garcia-Lopez art in Legacies and in Wednesday Comics. I had the pleasure of meeting him in the late 80s, around the time he did a Deadman mini series. His work is just beautiful. Great, great artist.

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