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Detroit Metal City Book 5
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Find out more about Soichi, the dual-personality singer who fronts the death-metal band Detroit Metal City in book 5 of this outrageous manga series!

We have a copy of this volume to give away, free, to one random reader. To enter the contest, post a comment here about your favorite metal band (or conversely, why you don’t like any — we are equal-opportunity here and don’t require particular music tastes to enter).

Winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Tuesday, November 9. (U.S. and Canada entries only, please. Winners will be emailed for their physical mailing address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)


  1. I always enjoyed hair bands from the 80’s more than I enjoyed “hard core” metal. However, Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is a great anthem! It’s pop metal, but it’s strong and still strikes a chord with people of all ages. Twisted Sister gets my vote!

    Enjoying your site, btw! I use your reviews to help make GN and manga selections for our library here in El Paso, TX. :)

  2. I’m a total music shut in and my playlist is a long list of songs from videogames. That’s a good reason as any to expand my horizons!

    Additionally, I’ve thought about picking up a DMC book to sample them but haven’t gotten around to it.

  3. The loudest (and dumbest) band in England–Spinal Tap!

  4. 3 Inches of Blood was a band I only listened to because of my roomate. He told me it was all about orcs.

  5. Kevin Lighton

    Diamond Head, a slightly obscure band who were one of the major influences on early Metallica.

  6. Sticking with Rob’s comment on a truly epic fake metal band I’m going to go to the utmost extreme and deem Dethklok to the most excellent (Wyld Stallions?) heavy metal band around. Who else could “sing” not one, but two songs regarding the premeditated homicide of mermaids on consecutive albums and not degrade in quality? N. Explosion’s gravelly voice sounds like he has been combining a 10pack a day smoke habit with bowls of shard-a-glass-o’s; the breakfast cereal sensation that’s sweeping the nation.

    DMC is amazing by the way. Everyone should pick up a volume to check out if they haven’t already.

    Death Metal Manga? Check.

  7. Is KISS a metal band? I don’t normally care for metal because I think it sounds like too much screaming and cacophony, but KISS is pretty damn fun all around, from the music to the costumes and state performance.

  8. Weirdly, I didn’t start listening to any hair bands until long after their Time was Done… but Guns ‘n’ Roses and, er, Whitesnake (yeah…) got me through a summer job sorting forest floor debris.

    Of course, Jethro Tull is my _all time favorite_ metal band. ;-)

  9. Corey McCafferty

    I’m personally a fan of the band Dungen, a band that I think someone should really turn Soichi on to. It’s sort of retro psychedelic heavy metal with a generous dose of pop influence. And they’re Swedish. So there you go.

  10. My favourite metal band is my friend Jake’s imaginary metal band Sharktopus, which is what you get when you combine a shark and an octopus with METAL. Sadly Jake cut his long metal hair and no longer looks metal but that’s okay, I still want to be his friend. SHARKTOPUS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    … okay this is lame. XD

  11. I have no interest in metal music. Still I just love DMC, and it made me understand why there is so much hype around metal bands, still that really didn’t make me wanna hear any metal music. HOnestly, DMC is the funniest manga around!

  12. I don’t really have an interst in m etal music but…any metal music on Guitar Hero III. Loved all those ssongs a lot and it made me listen to music from genres and bands I don’t normally listen to. Although watch none of them be considered “Metal”.

  13. Thanks to everyone for entering! I’ve emailed the winner asking for a mailing address. And thanks, Sharon, for letting me know you find the site helpful! Y’all obviously know more about this kind of music than I do — I appreciated reading everyone’s comments!

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