Learn About Self-Publishing in Kentucky at the Up! Fair November 19-20

The Up! Fair describes itself as a “celebration of sequential art and the independent publisher”. It’s a free event held November 19-20 in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning. The goal is to teach both kids and adults about making comics, do-it-yourself animation, and self-publishing through panel discussions and workshops. From the press release:

The Up! Fair, a free event to the public, promises to be one part art fair and one part conference. Unlike a traditional convention or trade show, where vendors standing in booths compete for the attention of passers-by, the Up! Fair promises a focus on public engagement through hands-on, participatory workshops. The workshops will be led by the exhibitors, including some of the best and brightest in independent comics and cartoons.

Whether you’re interested in learning digital illustration techniques, how to screen print, creating a ‘zine on your favorite subject, or making cartoons with a home computer, we have something to offer. Our mission is to help people learn more about telling stories with technology that is readily available, and hopefully make it more clear to the public just how easy it is for everyone to participate in creative arts in the 21st Century.

The guest list and programming schedule have just been released.

2 Responses to “Learn About Self-Publishing in Kentucky at the Up! Fair November 19-20”

  1. Johnny Bacardi Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this…it’s not out of the realm of possibility that I could attend!

  2. thekamisama Says:

    That’s about a four hour drive but I may be interested enough to make it




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