Little Gloomy Cartoon Coming; Renamed Scary Larry
November 9, 2010

Almost ten years ago, I enjoyed reading a comic called Little Gloomy by Landry Walker and Eric Jones. It had a bunch of cute little monsters in various scenes and gags, and it was later reinvented as The Super-Scary Monster Show Featuring Little Gloomy.

Now, it’s going to be the cartoon Scary Larry, “about a teen werewolf who forms a rock band with his monster friends”.

Gloomy’s been renamed Victoria, and she’s now explicitly a vampire chick, but old friends Frank, Mummy, and Carl (Cthulhu) are part of the band as well. I’m a bit disappointed that a girl-centered property demotes her to part of the supporting cast for the boy in the animation translation, but not surprised. At their blog post, the creators talk a bit about some of these changes. They also say, “the show has been greelighted for 52 13-minute episodes” — I hope I get a chance to see them. Looks like fun!

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Faith writes:  

I was disappointed to see they’d switched main characters for the animated show, but I wondered if it might be because of potential similarities to Ruby Gloom: http://www.rubygloomtv.com/

The animation’s super nice, at least.

Johnny Bacardi writes:  

I liked Little Gloomy, too, just the way it was. Guess I’ll pass on this.

Johanna writes:  

I wasn’t familiar with that, Faith, but just the name itself probably made someone nervous. Thanks for pointing that out.


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