Toy Story Storyboard Art and Development Images
November 9, 2010

Here’s some background material from Toy Story 3, just released on DVD and Blu-ray. First, a set of storyboards from the scene with the trash truck. (Click for bigger versions.)

Next, here’s a sequence that shows how an image is developed in layers.

Storyboard drawn by story artist Jeff Pidgeon, one of about 500 drawings done in the final storyreel of Sequence # 300 - Warm Welcome, where the toys are welcomed by Lotso at Sunnyside Daycare.

Concept art piece by art director Dice Tsutsumi, showcasing the exploration of color and design of new characters and new environments.

Layout, the camera and staging phase preceding character animation. The set is not fully built at this point. Some background toys are still not present.

Final character animation poses. Characters are animated by keyframe, with hundreds of background toys.

Final animation of the character clothes by dynamic simulation. This final frame shows the final shading (material textures) for the set and all of the surfaces have texture, color, patterns, and material properties that will respond appropriately when lit by the Lighting Department.

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