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Decisions, decisions. Thankfully, due to convention shopping earlier this year, I don’t have to make one. If I hadn’t already bought The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (Fantagraphics, $24.99), it would be a very difficult choice for me this week between that and Scott Chantler’s Two Generals (McClelland & Stewart, $24.95). But since I do have the first book already, I can look forward to enjoying the second with a clear budget.

(The books, by the way, are both historicals, although Adele Blanc-Sec is wild adventure fantasy and Two Generals is non-fiction, based on the 1943 diary of the author’s grandfather and other letters sent during World War II.)

For manga readers, I recommend a two-pack: the fourth volume of Twin Spica (Vertical, $10.95), about a young girl working to become an astronaut, and the latest chapter of Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs (Book 17, Viz, $9.99) as a guilty pleasure with some costume play and creative pet business ideas. That purchase is even almost within my $20 budget!

At a later date, I’ll be trying to find a way to buy Archie Firsts (Dark Horse, $24.99) as a gift for KC. This collection of key “first issues, first appearances, and other milestones” will be a lovely addition to his Archie comic collection.

On the periodical front, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book miniseries concludes with issue #5 (Bongo Comics, $2.99) — I bet it’ll be funny! I’ll also try to sneak Batgirl #15 (DC, $2.99) and Tiny Titans/Little Archie #2 (DC, $2.99) onto my stack without my noticing.

4 Responses to “Budget for Good Books: Comics Out November 10”

  1. Suzene Says:

    Chew #15 and Unwritten #19 for certain, then it’s a toss-up between Grandville: Mon Amor and the North 40 TPB.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Those last two are books I’d be interested in reading, but I’m not sure enough to buy them. I’d love to get them at a library, or read some reviews of them.

  3. Suzene Says:

    I loved North 40, but I don’t know if the whole “Lovecraftian horrors work their will on Podunk, USA” bit would hit your gross-out threshold or not. I don’t recall there being a lot of gore, per se, but the body horror factor was pretty high.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Good point. Thanks for being considerate of my tastes. I was intrigued by the first two issues, though, and I’m curious to find what happened. Have you read the ending? Was it satisfying?




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