Music Video = Online Comic

New band Valora is releasing a “graphic video novel created by Ahmet Zappa” to promote their music. Chapter one (of a planned five) is now available.

The story is a kind of Egyptian magical escape fantasy with manga-influenced art. It doesn’t seem to have much to do with the rock song, and there are times when the characters’ mouths move as though there was supposed to be dialogue even though all we hear is the music. It’s got a couple of surprisingly violent moments, but it wasn’t a bad three-minute watch, even if I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening. You can download a PDF version if you’re willing to sign up for their mailing list — maybe that explains more of the plot.

One Response to “Music Video = Online Comic”

  1. Grant Says:

    That was actually kind of cute even if it was impossible to follow. But I don’t think we should forget or underestimate the Alan Parson Project’s pioneering efforts in this art form….

    Still haven’t seen a motion comic that can top THAT! Get em Nick!!




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