PS238: When Worlds Go Splat!

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PS238: When Worlds Go Splat!
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I’m trying to figure out why I enjoy self-published superhero stories (like this series and Love and Capes) much more than those from the big publishers dedicated to that genre. I think it’s because they’re purer, in a way. If Aaron Williams wants to do a cosmic crossover with big gun heroes fighting an interstellar war, as he does here, it’s because he wants to, not so that he can sell more tie-in comics.

I do miss the focus on the kids and their education that was more prominent in the earlier issues. I liked the quieter, down-to-earth stories with more comedy and character interaction, plus the cast of teachers. There’s still some of that here, enough to enjoy, but the main plot features a Green Lantern-like hero (the Emerald Gauntlet), a Superman-like hero (Atlas), and both their sons being enlisted into a long-running conflict.

Still, that provides a framework for some very amusing character bits, whether it’s the super-patriotic mini-hero or the ridiculous egotism of the kid super-villains. My favorite was Guardian Angel, a girl with a totally reactive power, getting a more offensive weapon: a baseball bat that makes stuff explode. It’s simple, but it tickles her (and me) to death.

Those with less patience also won’t like the idea of getting one book every year, collecting six issues, the typical release schedule. (When Worlds Go Splat! collects issues #40-45 of the series.) On the bright side, that provides a great excuse for rereading whenever a new book is released. The book’s website is

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