Phantom Tollbooth Coming From Warner Archive
November 16, 2010

The Phantom Tollbooth DVD

Warner Archive has been hinting on Twitter again, this time about titles due out November 30. (All are subject to change.) The one that most excites me is a “lost” animation classic, The Phantom Tollbooth by Chuck Jones.

This DVD release will be remastered in widescreen. The 1970 movie blends live-action with animation and stars Butch Patrick (The Munsters) as Milo, the boy who enters kingdoms of words and numbers, based on the classic book by Norton Juster and with voices by Mel Blanc, Hans Conried, Daws Butler, and June Foray. Another must-have!

Update: Order it here.

4 Responses  
Chris Howard writes:  

I’ve got two VHS copies of this just to be safe. Guess I can discard them now.

Jim Kosmicki writes:  

i liked the book well enough as a kid, but remember being a bit underwhelmed when I finally saw the movie. But that could have been due to high expectations – a good book AND Chuck Jones, after all. Not sure if I’m curious enough to purchase, since it most likely won’t show up for rental first – I’ve never checked to see if Netflix gets these archive releases.

Johanna writes:  

I loved the imagination of the book, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the movie. When it aired on TCM a while back, we taped it (well, burned a DVD), but I haven’t found the time to watch it yet! I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to review it.

Rob writes:  

I love the heck out of that book, but a big part of the appeal is Jules Feiffer’s wonderfully loose illustrations. As a result, I doubt I’ll be watching the movie, despite all the great names attached to it–if the image on the box cover is representative of the art style in the movie, there will be too much dissonance between the visuals and what they’re “supposed” to look like.


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